Hopes and Crushed Dreams

Wow um ok my first novella
Summer and Sky move to London for the summer
But the absolute unexpected happens do Summer
and Sky fall for the wrong man when they soon realize
It's just a sick joke? Will they realize they have feelings
for other people?


2. RUN!

Nialls POV
She was georgous! Who exactly was she? Why is Harry so cruel as to laugh at such an embarrassing moment? I want answers! " what's your name?" I said softly?she looked up at me through her teary makeup " Summer" she whispered god she is sexy when she whispers " well love your very beautiful even if your male up is smudged" I said cheekily. She smiled oh why? Why I mean how did I get so lucky? " um hi Niall could you well um if it's not too much trouble could I please get a ride home I'll text my friend to tell her whats happened but if you can't drop me off I can just wait here " she quickly rambled on "oh I'm sure I can drop you off if you want ? " I replied" thanks that would be great! Um can we go now?" she asked sure I added and with that I leaned over and man did I get caught off gaurd when our lips entwined I licked her lips asking for entrance she let me in I exsplored her mouth while she suddenly pulled away stood up and said
" lets go back to mine where we can carry on in private" she told me I stood up and practically ran to my car she giggled and took her damn sweet time dawdling around Inside the shop
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