Hopes and Crushed Dreams

Wow um ok my first novella
Summer and Sky move to London for the summer
But the absolute unexpected happens do Summer
and Sky fall for the wrong man when they soon realize
It's just a sick joke? Will they realize they have feelings
for other people?


1. Beep!

Summers POV
Beep beep beep! Stupid alarm "Summer wake up!" yells Sky
" we need to explore!" I suddenly yell at her I grab my eye liner and
Apply , foundation,gloss ,shader that should do it
To nandos! Skys expression said I nodded and we left the flat
And jumped into her car. Only one car was parked outside.
We go in and Sky says " will those super hot guys be quiet?"
We go to the conter to fi- "asshole!" " what Sky?" " I left my wallet
At home" " damn" I say " ill be back soon" she says apologetically
I nodded five min later I get up and go to the counter to order a drink
When whoosh! I now have nandos all over my fave top I fall over backward
And hurt my butt. " oh shit sorry!" this. Ute guy with blonde curls practically
Sobbed " hey don't sweat it I've got a singlet on" I tell him.
I start to pull off my top when this curly haired boy wolf whistled at me
I look down in hoodie to find I diddnt actually have a singlet on. Only. My . See though
Bra this blonde guy protectively stands in front of me and ripped his shirt off and
gave it to me I gratefully put it on then burst into tears blondey picks me up and
Carries me to an emptie booth " don't sweat it luv Harry's just a tad immature
At times and stop crying your make up is smudging
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