Fallen (On Hold)

What would you do if an angel asked you to run away with him? Would you accept the risk of dying in the hands of the archangel and their war against the rouge angel or will you stay in the same town as the fallen angel that stole your heart? When Drew asks Kris to run away with him she happily accepts with the two conditions that her two best friends who know nothing of the danger they are stepping into come along. They run to the shores of California, but are they truly safe when they arrive or they in even more danger?


5. Runaways



~Kris's POV~


"Kill me?" I ask stunned at the respond that Drew just said.

"Yes, if they think? forcing me back or ripping my wings isn't enough they'll kill you or if-" He stops and stares at me before continuing. "Or if they think I am in love with you." He said looking down at the ground when he said that. They would kill me if we fell in love or if even our relationship looked a teeny bit more than just friendship. All the handholding, cuddling, kisses on the cheek have been just sealing my fate from the beginning.

"How long have you known this." I ask stunning him out of his own thoughts.

"Just today! Kris if you think I would ever purposely put you harms way you're wrong I would never do that!" He doesn't explain why he never would, but I had a feeling I knew.

"Can they listen to our conversations?" I ask looking around as if someone is going to randomly appear out of the shadows of my room.

"Not right now." He responses. "Kris, I need to ask you something, it's really important and I need to what you think no matter how harsh it is I need total honesty." Drew asks urgently.

"Okay?" I say questioning him.

"You would you ever run away with me?" He asks suddenly out of no where.

"Where?" I found my self not even questioning if I would instead I found myself questioning the location we would be running away to.

"I own a fairly large beach house out in California it's a good three day drive, but I want to know if you would go with me?" Drew asks locking our eyes together waiting for my response to his life changing question.

"Two conditions." I state as he nods his head signaling me that whatever they were he would meet them. "One: Two of my friends are coming with me, no questions asked. Two: I am not getting a job." I said making sure I had no intention on working when he was the one who offered to run away, plus if he had a beach house than he had to have money right?

"That's fine under one condition to your conditions." This time it was my turn to nod at him. "Cassie and Abbey come no one else." He said smirking at me when he chooses the two people I was going to chose anyways.

"And if anything goes wrong I am wiping their memory clean and dropping them off back here, and you need to ask your parents tell them you plan on going to the beach house with the girls a summer vacation thing." I nod my head signaling I understood what he meant. Even I didn't want my parents suspecting that I was running away with home with Drew.

"What are we going to tell them when I don't come home, they'll worry." I reason with him.

"We'll say my grandfather offered for you to study at a private school in California for senior year and that you're staying there with Abbey and Cassie." He said confidently.

"What is the point of running away Drew?" I ask finally questioning the reason rather that the locations and excuses. "I want to run from them eventually my wings will eventually become weak enough for someone to easily pull them off. I'll have someone do that for me, then I won't belong to the Archangels anymore." He explains his plan to me.

"So you're going rogue?" I ask him with my eyebrows raised.

"Basically." He shrugs as if he does something like this all the time.

"When are we leaving?" I ask letting my fall onto my pillow and my eyes slightly close.

"Tomorrow morning." He says cuddling up next to me wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Hmm...TOMORROW!" I shout suddenly while Drew places his hand on my mouth while putting his finger to his lips and shushing me. I had completely forgotten that Cassie was right downstairs asleep, plus if she was to barge in my room right now she would instantly get the wrong idea. "Fuck. I completely forget that she was downstairs...wait do really think that their parent are just going to let them leave tomorrow." I asked

"Umm...don't get mad, but I kinda asked them a week ago because if you wouldn't run away I was just going to ask if to go on vacation with me." He said shyly while staring at my wall with pictures scattered all over it. Some of them from as old as 4th grade of me and my ex best friend or as recent as of last week with me and Drew. I looked from picture to picture taking in each memory when I land on one in the middle of my wall a picture of me and Jason or Jasper since that was real name apparently. It was one of me and him from 8th grade which was one of the best years I ever had, his small smile mysterious compared to my carefree smile that made me look awkward, but he insisted made me look innocent and cute. His hair was in it's Justin Bieber phase as it was long and sweeped to one side with only a few hairs falling over his eyes. While mine was long and wavy since it was taken before I discovered a straightening iron, my bangs held back with my hand while Jason took the picture.

"Look cute." Drew states staring at the same picture I was looking at.

"No, I look like an awkward potato." I state earning one of Drew's light laughter while I snuggle into his chest while his arms wrap around me tighten. "Good night Drew, I promise I'll pack tomorrow morning." I promise not only him, but myself as I also promise myself to call my parents to tell them that I was leaving with Drew for the summer. They wouldn't mind at all since the whole thing with Bree and Jason they only trust Drew with me well him and Cassie and Abbey. I slowly started to drift off to sleep as I felt Drew's calm sleeping breath in my ear.





"I HOPE YOU GUYS USED A CONDOM!" I heard an annoying voice scream in my ear making me jump and bump my head on one of the poles to my canopy bed.

"FUCK! CASSIE!" I groan as I rub the bump that was slowly growing on the side of my head. "Are you okay?" A reasonable calm voice asked me and I instantly recognized it as my best friend Abby's voice. "ABBY!!" I scream jumping up on the bed, but ended getting my arm tugged back down by Drew who was shirtless and had his head buried under my pillows.

"Drew why are you shirtless?" I asked slowly extending each word.

"Kris I wouldn't be complaining." Cassie retorted. "I wouldn't mind Drew never wearing a shirt." She said smirking earning a loud annoyed groan from Drew who just threw the covers off and walked into the bathroom locking himself inside.

"Kris can you grab me some clothes?" Drew shouted while you heard him turn on the water to my shower.

"Yeah sure I have some laying round somewhere." I whisper the last part.

"SO!? Why was he shirtless in your bed?" Abby surprises me and Cassie by asking. "I have the right to worry! DON'T JUDGE ME!" She shouted throwing her hands in the air while walking out of my room. I turn to Cassie and smirk as we walk out to my doorway and scream at the exact same time.

"JUDGING!!" We screech.

"Now, what we're you two doing that he ended up shirtless." Cassie asks turning to me.

"Nothing we just fell asleep I guess he got hot and took his shirt off." I shrug it off as I dig through my draws finding a pair of Drew's jeans, boxers, and a simple white tee.

"Why does it seem like he basically lives in your house?" Cassie ask digging through my closest and picking out a outfit for me to wear.

"Maybe because he basically does live in my house, it's actually surprising my parents have't asked him to start paying rent." I respond knocking on the bathroom door to signal Drew I was walking out of the room and leaving his clothes on my bed. We have developed a system with things like this Drew usually used my shower and I usually went to the guest shower that is about two times bigger than my shower. Now a days I just end up leaving all my things there like my shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, but a course I have also learned to keep the exact same things in my bathroom too. I walked into the guest bathroom that was across the hall from the guest room. I turn the light on which flickers once before turning to it 's usual brightness, which was weird seeing I had our housemaid Robin change the bulbs in here only a week ago.

"It's probably nothing just the wires or bulb was bad." I reason with myself as shut the door and strip down. I turn on the water to the shower standing there with my hand in the shower waiting for it to get the right temperature. After a good two minute wait and a few small adjustments the water is the perfect temperature and I step in. I let the warm water hit my skin cleaning off all the dirt and grime from the day before, after a little bit I start rubbing in some of the green apple shampoo into my hair that I used. As I rise out the last bits of shampoo , I start washing my body using a cherry blossom body wash I always used. I stand there for a good five minutes afterwards soaking in the warmth from the water; I look at my hands that are starting to wrinkle signaling I am reaching my limit of time. With a loud sigh, I massage in my conditioner that matched my shampoo's green apple scent, when I heard a knock on the door.

"Yeah?" I yell towards the door, instead of a response I get other knock. "Ugh, Cassie this isn't funny." I groan rising out the rest of the conditioner, before turning the water off. I grab my robe off the hook that was placed right next to the shower. I wrap the robe tightly around me as I tie the sash around my waist securing it on me. As I was placing my hair into a towel I hear the knock again except this time it doesn't come from the door, but the window.

"Who's there?" I ask urgently. "Haha! As if a killer would say oh! Hey you know i was just walking around the neighborhood for someone to kill and I saw your light on can I come in?" I tease myself grabbing another towel from the cabinet and wrapping it around my hair.

"Kris are you talking to yourself?" I hear Drew ask from the door.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I just heard someone knocking on the window and well...yeah...it creeped me out." I say unlocking the door and walking out towards my room as I walked past Drew.

"I'll go outside and check if it makes you feel any better." Drew asked me as I walk down the hallway in only my long robe and a towel in my hair.

"I don't want to bother you." I ask turning into my room and letting the towel in my hair go, releasing my crazy natural curls that I hated.

"I am going to go outside and make sure," He was about to leave when he turns as if suddenly remember something. "Oh! And leave your hair wavy it looks nice." and with that Drew walked out of my room and onto the stairs. I stared at the spot he stood at only moments before for a good minute before I came back to reality and started moving again. I threw on a simple cream bra and a panties while pulling a sky blue tank top on. I pulled out my favorite pair of shorts and threw on a pair of light blue Vans that where covered in paint splatters from two months ago.

(http://www.polyvore.com/fallen_kriss_outfit/set?id=58272661#stream_box­) I decide to leave my hair in its wavy form only headband over it, while I was fixing it I noticed my Hello Kitty wallet on my desk. I grab it off my desk and set on my bed so I would remember to take it with me, since I knew if I didn't see it then I would forget it when I was packing.

"I should probably start packing." I think to myself as I walk to my closest and pull out three large suitcases, that I kept for when my parents took my brother and me on vacation, but that rarely ever happened. I started folding up all the good tops in my closest since I planned on shopping in California anyways. I had about half of my good tops folded when Cassie walked into my room to help me pack while I called my parents and asked them for permission to go with Drew. She had on a tight pair of skinny jeans with a blue Pink shirt with it and her favorite studded blue Converse covered her feet. She had a simple blue flower on the side of her head making her look cute, and innocent which was no where close to. A complicated black feathered drop necklace hanging from her neck and you could still smell the scent of fresh nail polish on her now turquoise nails. (http://www.polyvore.com/cassies_outfit_fallen_chapter/set?id=58274196)

"Need help packing?" She asked while she went to my drawers and started folding everything into the other suitcase which was on the opposite of the bed.

"PLEASE!" I plead as I finish with the tops and move on my jeans and shorts.

"You look really cute." Cassie states while putting my sweats and hoodies in the suitcase that was already filled a fourth of the way up with my underwear and bras.

"Thanks, you look fierce. I wouldn't mess with you." I joke with her as I pull out my phone to text my mom about my plans for summer or at least the parts I could actually tell her about.

"Do I look fierce?" Abby asks from door as she walks in wearing something simple and casual. She was never one to dress up too much, she was the one who would only wear heels and a dress when forced too. Today was no exception to her usual style since she was wearing some jean shorts, a grey t-shirt that had "Love From New York" written on it, to top her innocent look off she wore a black fedora I gave her for her birthday a few months back. Her grey leather converse slightly squeaked as she walked up to me and started helping me back, her mid-back brown hair pulled into a braid that was visible under her fedora. Around Abby's neck was her favorite music note necklace that she wore almost everyday, while on her finger was a large black rose ring that shone in the light. (http://www.polyvore.com/abbys_outfit_fallen_chapter/set?id=58274915#stream_box)

"What did your parents say?" She asked as if response to Abby's question my phone vibrated in my pocket signaling I received a text. I lift my phone to show them that they had just response at that moment.


From: Mommy:)

I am perfectly fine with that and so is your dad as long as you check in every week. Your brother is going to fly out to join us in two days so don't worry about him. Have Fun Sweetie:)


Mom xoxo


"CALI HERE WE COME FOR REALS THIS TIME!" Cassie screamed shutting my suitcase as I did the same placing the last thing in it.

"So, I am guessing we're leaving then?" Drew announced as he walked in and helped me carry my bags down. I grabbed my grey varsity jacket off my bed and took my Hello Kitty wallet, before I left my room I gave it quick look around silently saying goodbye to it as I close the door on my old life; opening a new one to my new life with Cassie, Abby, and Drew.









||: A/N Wow!!! Well...that was a lot of writing! I finally finished this chapter I might write other chapter to this story or move on and write the new chapter to other story...I don't know:) Maybe! Make sure to vote and comment:) I love you all okay!! Thank You to all my fans and readers I promise to update more often!! Love, FallingForYou21 xoxo

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