Fallen (On Hold)

What would you do if an angel asked you to run away with him? Would you accept the risk of dying in the hands of the archangel and their war against the rouge angel or will you stay in the same town as the fallen angel that stole your heart? When Drew asks Kris to run away with him she happily accepts with the two conditions that her two best friends who know nothing of the danger they are stepping into come along. They run to the shores of California, but are they truly safe when they arrive or they in even more danger?


3. Reunited


~Kris POV~

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!" I heard a strong voice yell.

"Sir my name-" Another voice tried to respond, but was stopped by the other voice.

"ARE YOU THE ONE THAT HURT MY LITTLE GIRL!!" The strong voice yelled and then I instantly recognized it as my dad's voice.

"Dad?" I whispered as I tried rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes.

"Kris, sweet are you okay?" My mom, said running to my side and hugging me fiercely.

"OW! MOM!" I screamed as her arms tighten over my stitches.

"Ohh- I am sorry sweetie I completely forgot about the stitches." My mom said as guilt clouded her eyes.

"Kris, can I ask you something?" My dad said speaking to me in an urgent voice.

"Ummm? Sure dad, what's up?" I ask as if we were just sitting in the living room instead of a hospital room.

"Who the fuck is this?" He said pointing towards the cute guy, that if I remember correctly from before I passed out who's name is Drew or was it Derek?

"Umm? I think his name is Derek or was it Drew? No it was Damon? NO! It was Daniel! Wait, no he doesn't look like a Daniel." I say as confusion takes over mind. I look over towards the cute boy trying to read his emotions, but at the moment he was too busy slamming his head against the palm of his hands. Yeah, he literally was slamming his head on his palms."Ummm? Did I guess right?" I asked him.

"Yes, one of those many names you listed is right." He says finally raising his head towards me away from his hands.

"If you don't tell me your name right now, I am gonna make sure you never remember your name." My dad threatened as he eyes shoot daggers at what's his name.

"Drew sir. My name is Drew Matthew Santos." Drew said as he extended his hand towards my dad.

"And you wouldn't happen to be related to Marcos Roberto Santos?" He said ignoring the fact Drew's hand was outstretched.

"Umm...yes sir. He's my uncle, I am staying with him at the moment." Drew said as he took back his extended arms and awkwardly placed by his side.

"I see, and why are you staying with your uncle."

"Cameron!" My mom yelled from my dad's side.

"Ummm...well you see my parents...they ummm...-"

"It's okay Drew we really don't need to know why you're here." I say speaking up for the third time since this awkward conversation started.

"No, Kristine I need to know." My dad commanded at both me and Drew.

"No! Dad you don't so just drop it!" I say as I raise my voice slightly demanding he listen to me.


"Cameron, stop!" My mom said as she rose her voice at my dad commanding him to stop talking.

"Soo...going along with the first question my very rude dad asked," I paused and shoot a glare at my dad. I was so going to get yelled or grounded for all that I had said at my dad."Why are you here?" I ask.

"I was a witness,"

"More like the culprit." My dad mumbled as I sent him another glare.

"And I wanted to make sure you were okay." Drew finished as he shuffled his feet.

"Oh!? Well, ummm THANKYOU!" I yelled really quickly that i sounded like one word.

"Haha, it's really no problem, ummm...well I am going down to the police station." He stated.

"Why?" I asked.

"I haven't left your side for the last week and well, the police kinda still need my statement." He said.

"Oh." I relaxed as it finally hit me. "A WEEK!?!?" I yell.

"Kris, calm down." My mom said coming and placing her hand on my shoulder.


"Well, the first couple days you were completely out of it since you were given so much pain medication, and well, honey the last few days you were placed under a chemical coma so you could properly heal." She said as she looked down at her feet as though they were the most interesting thing in the world.

"WHAT!" I reply.

"You were in a coma." Drew replies calmly.

~Jasper aka. Jason POV (Two Days Earlier)

I was in my car speeding towards Mountainside County Hospital, where Kris has apparently been for the last few days. I was so drowned in my own thoughts that I hadn't even noticed the car in front of me come to a stop as I ram right into the car.

"FUCK!" I screamed as scrambled out of my car and towards the other car which was a sleek black XTS Sedan Cadillac. Great, I am gonna pay a good $70,000 for the damages and probably twice that for any medical billing.

"SHIT! I AM SO SORRY ITS JUST MY GIRLFRIEND KRIS IS THE HOSPITAL AND I NEED TO SEE IF SHE'S OKAY AND I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION!! LOOK I'LL PAY FOR EVE-" I stop mid-sentence as I notice all the scratches, bruises, and cuts were quickly fading away and leaving the guy's skin flawless again.

"Did you say Kris?" He said turning to fully face me. There was something about this guy that seemed familiar, but at the moment all I could focus on was the fact that all the injuries had suddenly disappeared.

"Hello?" The mystery driver said as he waved his hand in front of my face.

"Who are you." I said abruptly not even thinking as the words escaped his mouth.

"Drew Matthew Santos, and look about my car. It's rea- "

"What did you say your name was?" I said rudely interrupting.

"Drew. Matthew. Santos." He said as Drew stared him down and took in all of my features as he tried to recognize me.

"And I'm sorry what did you say that your name was?" The hazel eyed driver said.

"Jason Carter Romano." I said quickly as I take in the features of his old best friend.

"Jasper." He loudly whispered.

"Drew, long time no see." I say quietly, but full of the confidence.

"Wait. Did you say you were going to go see your girlfriend Kris?" Drew said quickly changing the subject.

"Yeah, I heard you helped save her from Bree." I said. Drew, Bree, and I used to be friends back before me and Bree fell from Heaven. I held a grudge against him since when we fell, he did nothing to stop his father from banishing Bree and me.

"You really haven't changed at all have you, still using and hurting people to get what you want huh?"

"I love Kris so why would I use and hurt her." I said matter-a-factly.

"Because Jasper, it's you we're talking about you use, hurt, and destroy people just to get what you want. So tell me what does Kris have that you want." He said countering my tone.

"She's different Drew I would never do anything to hurt her."

"You said the same thing about Nicole," he paused to make sure I was still listening. "Plus, you did hurt her by leading Bree right to her." He said as he turned and headed to his car. I was stunned, paralyzed at his words; those words still ran in my mind as I watched Drew get in his car and drove away.

~Kris POV (six months later)~

"WHOOP!! Finally Summer!" I screamed as I ran towards Drew's car. He was right behind me laughing at my small victory dance of surviving yet another year of high school. "Drew I can't believe we are going to be seniors next year!! UGH! WE ARE SO OLD!!!" I scream. Drew just chuckles at me as he unlocks his car.

"Ha, you have no idea how old I feel." He said as he stepped into the driver seat as I jumped into the passenger seat.

"Soo...where am I taking you for lunch then?" He asked as he started the car.

"Ummmm...I want... Jack in the Box!" I yell as I text my "sister" to tell her to meet me there.

To: Cassie

Ummm...Jack in the Box!!

"Who are you texting," Drew asked as he pulled out of the parking lot and down the main road towards the closest Jack in the Box. "Let me guess that guy in Calc, that you stare at?" He asked as he rose his eyebrows at me.

"Umm, his name is Carson and no I was texting my sister for your information." I stated.

"Um...Kris I didn't know you had a sister?" He said quietly.

"I don't Cassie is my best friend and we are so alike we call each other sisters." I say very upbeat as my phone chirped alerting me that I had a new text.

To: Kris

Eeekkk!! YES! When?

I laughed at her response as i quickly texted her back.



"Do you mind if Cassie comes with us?" I ask Drew as he takes one hand off the steering wheel and grabs my left hand in his.

"I don't care as long as you're there." He said as his thumb drew circles on the back of my hand. After more minutes of driving we finally pulled into the parking of Jack in the Box. I grab my wallet out of my backpack that was currently sitting in the backseat. I mentally battled myself for about two minutes deciding if I should take my hoodie or not, I finally decided not to since it wasn't too chilly and if I got cold I could always steal Drew’s hoodie. It was the middle of May, but the wind was chilly due to the lack of sunshine today.

"KRIS!!" I heard a tall slim figure yell at me as she made her way across the restaurant earning a couple stares and giggles as she jumped into my arms knocking me down to the ground.

"GET OFF ME!" I playfully yell at my crazy 'sister'. I met Cassie back when we were sophomores, she doesn't look anything like me at all yet I call her my sister. She had long chocolatey colored hair while mine was a almost jet black, she was slim and lean while I was had more curves around me. Cassie was about four inches taller than me, and the only similarity we have are the almost identical dark alluring eyes.

"Haha! Fine be that way big sis." She said as she childishly stuck out her tongue at me, which I instantly returned.

"Haha, you two really do act like sisters." Drew chuckled at me and Cassie as he extended his arm to help me back on my feet.

"Yup, that's cause me are soul sisters!" Cassie said as she skipped, yes she literally skipped over to the counter to order.

"Hi welcome to Jack in the Box how may I help you today?" The cashier whose name was Trent asked.

"Hi, umm two large Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburgers, with regular fries." Cassie states mine and her order together.

"Jeez, Cassie are you sure that enough food for you?" I ask.

"Does she normally eat that much at places like this?" Drew whispers into my ear.

"UGH! You guys are bullies and Drew no, I normally don't eat this much it's for me and your girlfriend." She says as she sighs. Drew whose arms had been around my waist at the moment slightly tightened around me as Cassie said the word 'girlfriend.'

"Umm...Cassie me and Drew aren't dating, and I was kidding I knew you were ordering mine too." I say as I grab the attention of the cashier.

"Soo...you're single?" Trent asked.

"Um, yeah why?" I ask slowly.

"Can I have your number?" He asked reluctantly.

"No." Drew says quickly as he answers for me.

"Umm, okay douchebag I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to her." Trent replies as he glares at Drew. I was actually going to give him my number he seemed funny and was cute in a jockey kind of way, but after he called Drew a douchebag there was no way in hell I was giving him my number now.

"No." I repeat what Drew said. "No, you can't have my number I say as Cassie pays awkwardly avoiding looking at Trent. "Aren't you getting anything?" I ask Drew, but he only shakes his head in response as his slightly long brown hair shakes with him.

"No, I am good." He says as he takes my hand and walks me to a booth in the back of the restaurant as far away from the counter as possible. I slide in the booth as Drew slides in beside me and places his arm protectively on my shoulder.

"I am sorry." He says breaking the silence that had settled around us. I turn around and face the counter as I see Cassie was still waiting for our order.

"I swear if that asshole messes with my food, I am gonna kick him in balls." I mutter under my breath. I had completely forgotten that Drew was sitting right next to me until I heard him laugh next to me.

"I'll help you kick his ass, but I doubt you would even need my help you're a big girl." Drew said as his poked my side.

"Haha, well I'll let you have one good punch for calling you a douchebag." I smile towards Drew which he quickly returns.

"Well, even after you said no that stupid butt monkey still gave me this." Cassie says as she shoves a piece of paper at me in disgust. I take and slowly unfold it as I stare at the writing it.

Call Me

Trent xx

Underneath was a number scribbled in sloppy letters. Cassie had already forgotten all about the note and was munching away on her burger and sipping on her Dr.Pepper. I felt Drew's arm stiffen around my shoulder as he looked at the small piece of paper in my hands.

"So...are you going to eat or shall eat it for you?" Cassie asks already halfway done with her burger.

"Umm...yeah. Hold on I need to go talk to this asshole for a second. " I mutter as I get up and turn towards the front of the restaurant.

"I'll go with you." Drew says as he grabs my wrist as he stands up from the booth.

"Nah, it's okay I'll be fine and I'm not too far away in case I need you." I said trying to convince Drew that everything will be fine. He didn't seem to completely agree with my choice, but slowly he let his grip go until I was free and I turned and walked towards Trent who was eyeing me as I walked up to him.

"I said no." I stated as I slide the paper with his number back at him.

"Take it, in case you ever get tired of that douche." Trent said as he nodded towards Drew who was in a deep conversation with Cassie, she seemed annoyed at Drew as she moves her hands all around her.

"Don't call him a douche." I growled at Trent.

"Look sweetheart he's not man enough for you okay, I'll take care of you and protect you." He said as he winked in my direction. I mentally gagged as he tried to play it cool with me.

"Look," I look at his name tag as if for the first time."Trent you're cute I'll give you that but no one likes an arrogant asshole okay." I say as I placed my hand on my hip and glared at him. I had expected him to call me a bitch and tell me off, but instead he smirked at me. THAT ASSHOLE SMIRKED AT ME!

"Do you know how hot you look right with your hand on your hips and those plump beautiful lips pouting." He said as his voice gets huskier. Great, Kris you came over here to tell the asshole off and instead you're turning him on. I seriously hoped he wasn't one of those freaks that got turned on my slaps cause if he was then this will be awkward. I turn my head towards the floor and smile (hopefully I looked somewhat sexy) as I brought my eyes back up I see Trent is basically eye raping me. He was so into looking at me he didn't even notice when I brought my hand up and slapped against the side of his face as hard as was humanly possible. The sound of my hand making contact with Trent's face echoed around the room as many of the customers stopped eating and were staring at me and Trent.

"You're a perverted stupid asshole!" I exclaim as I turn around and head back towards the booth where Cassie and Drew were grinning at me.

"Meow, sure you slapped him hard enough." Cassie asked as she giggled.

"Nope!" I say as i pop the p.

"Can I go finish him off?" Drew asked as I sat down and took a bite of my now slightly cold burger.

"Haha, as much as I would love to say yes. I am afraid I have to say no." I said as dipped a fry in some ketchup.

"Damn it." Drew mumbled beside me as I smiled at his remark.

"Haha, you two are just too cute." Cassie laughs as she points between us with a fry.

"Okay, then moving on." I sat awkwardly as they laugh at me. We managed to finish our food in peace before a small petite girl came up to our table. She had long blonde hair that reached beyond her shoulder, to go with her long blonde hair she had piercing green eyes that were set off by her ugly green top. She stared at Drew taking in all his features as she flirted with him with her dark green orbs that were clouded with lust at the moment.

“Take a picture it will last longer.” I spit out at her as she looks up at me for the first time since she came over. She stared at me until her eyes landed on Drew’s arms that had been around my waist since I had came back from telling off Trent.

“Nah, I think I’ll rather take a number.” She said as she stared at Drew who was currently looking at me. “Do you mind if I can have your number?” She said as her fingers run towards Drew’s free arm. He moves his attention from me to the blonde as he moves his arm down to his side off the table.

“No I am sorry you really aren’t my type.” He said quickly as he turned his attention back to me as I smirked at her.

“How about you give me a chance and maybe you’ll change your mind?” She said as tries to draw Drew’s attention back at her.

“Look Blondie, he said no plus he’s taken kay. Adios” Cassie states from across the table. As Drew just nods his head confirming what Cassie said as he turns and pleads to me to play along.

“Haha! Really which one of these little whores is your ‘girlfriend’” She says venom clouding her voice.

“Me.” I say quickly. “So why don’t you just leave kay.” I say as I mimic Cassie.

“Really, you don’t know who I am do you.” She says as she raises her eyebrows at me.

“Umm...some whore trying to take my boyfriend.” I say quickly.

“No, Kris.” She pauses as she takes out a pen and grabs a napkin. She leans down over the table as her cleavage almost spills out of her tiny tube top as she scribbled her name and number. “Call me.” She hands the napkin to Drew as she struts away. We all stare at her as she walks through the door and shoots a smile at Drew as Cassie and me just stare at her.

“I don’t like her.” I state as soon as she walks out Jack in the Box.

“Ditto.” Cassie agrees with me.

“Danielle Gant.” Drew speaks up for the first time as the blonde left.

“Who?” Cassie and me ask at the same time.

“Danielle Grant.” He states again, I look out the window as I see her smirking at me from across the parking lot almost laughing at me.




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