Fallen (On Hold)

What would you do if an angel asked you to run away with him? Would you accept the risk of dying in the hands of the archangel and their war against the rouge angel or will you stay in the same town as the fallen angel that stole your heart? When Drew asks Kris to run away with him she happily accepts with the two conditions that her two best friends who know nothing of the danger they are stepping into come along. They run to the shores of California, but are they truly safe when they arrive or they in even more danger?


1. Finding the Fallen



I heard the door slam shut as I ran out of the gym and towards the student parking lot. It was only 3:40 but school had ended over a hour ago, so everyone was gone except a few people, mostly the football players at practice. "Kristine wait! Please can we just talk about this PLEASE!" I heard him call for me as I walked out of the gym. I knew Bianca, his very lovely caring loving (sarcasm intended) girlfriend was going to catch up to us soon. Ugh I hated her and she hated me, but unlike me she wasn't shy of showing her hate towards me. With the horrible rumors and embarrassing "jokes" it wasn't the best experience, but I sucked it up for him. I stop for two seconds, he seems to be about 5 feet behind me.  

"Kris can we talk, I can explain...it's just that..." he starts stuttering. 

"Ha! Like I would ever stop and listen to any of your lies ever again! You told me you loved me yet..." I pause trying to think of the perfect words that would explain what I want to say, but i come up empty. 

" I don't understand why you keeping chasing after this hoe!" Great I thought Bianca caught up to us, can't wait to hear all the amazing things she has to say.  

"Because...B..." He stops and puts his hands on the back of his neck. I have known him enough to know this was his thinking face. "Because B...I LOVE HER!" He with such confidence it made my heart skip a beat. 

"Hahahahaha! You have got to be kidding me! Jason really that is hilarious! You can't love a little no body, a little whore, it not even possible!" Bianca yells at me.  

"You know what Bianca, before start criticizing every little thing i do. MAYBE! You should look at yourself you little hypocritical bitch!" I yell emphasizing the last part. I just stand there and watch Bianca take in every single word I had just said. After about two seconds the shock is wiped off her face, and she is back in fighting mode(literally).  

"Me a hypocrite?Ha! have you even stopped to take in what just happened about eight minutes ago!" She stops to see the venom of her words take full affect on me. "You kissed ha, actually you made out with my BOYFRIEND! MINE OKAY!" she screamed at me with the full force of her angry thrown into those words. I would have normally told her it wasn't true that me and Jason were only friends, but she knows I would be lying. It hurt more than her words, then her humiliations, than her glares. It was the truth and it stung in my chest and was begging to come out.  

"How about you just go and run off to your little corner huh?" Bianca asked kindly but with venom in her words. I pulled my phone out the moment it started vibrating in my pocket. "Oh...must be your pimp i guess he's wondering why you're not at your corner." Bianca said. I unlocked my phone and read the text, it was from Jason. I guess I was so busy facing off with Bianca, i didn't even notice that Jason secretly texted me. 

From: Jason:) 

Go. Meet me at Starbucks in half an hour, I'll deal with B. k! Love you! okay YOU! <3  

love Jas

I turned off the screen to my iphone4 and looked straight into Bianca's eyes.  

"You know what." i stopped to see if she would play along, but instead she gave me a death stare. "You arent worth my time, Jason will eventually see what a horrible person you are and leave you." I said matter-a-factly.  

"Suuurreee! Just leave hoe!" Bianca said turning towards Jason and wrapping her arms around his neck. I brought my bag higher over my shoulder since it was starting to fall off. I started towards my black Camaro that was about 150 feet from where I was standing at the moment. I couldn't help it, but I turn around and get one last good look at Jason and Bianca. As Bianca had her arms around his neck, her lips were at his ears probably whispering things about how she was his dream girl and shit like that. I had about enough of all this and I started to turn back around, when Jason's sudden movement caught my attention. He managed to pull her arms off of his neck and he hissed "Move On! We are over!" I couldn't help but smile at her reaction as he headed towards his car, Jason drove a red Charger which was parked on the opposite side of the parking lot. I keep walking until I realize what Jason had just done, this realization makes me stop in the middle of the parking lot. 

"Maybe he does really care about me." i whispered loudly to myself.  

"Yeah he does! whores are totally his type." I heard her voice scream at me covered in anger and jealously.  

"He did date you." i say matter-of-factly. I was about 50 feet away from my car, had I really walked for over 8 minutes. Wow! I was walking really slow. I ran towards my car I probably wouldn't make it time to get away from Bianca.  

"Don't even think about it!"she said warning me.  

"I don't know why you hate me so much!?" I asked Bianca. We used to be "friends" only about 7 months ago, when she first started at Mountain Side High School, we were only freshmen at the time. About two days after she started riding mine and Jason's bus, she already had a guy coming over. Not just any guy but, my best friends Damon Fawn, he wasn't just my best friend, but also my crush. As you can imagine they ended up having sex. I know, right and she's calling me a whore. Since we "friends" she told me and (at the time) best friend Alyssa every single detail. It was one of the most disturbing and painful things I had to live through. After Damon announced he was moving back to New Jersey, Bianca started dating Jason. 

"Well, where to start!" she yelled at me. I caught something shining against the sun in her hands, probably her keys. 

" Maybe the beginning." I say sarcastically. I turn full around and take a look at her hand where the object shined again in my eyes.  

" You made Damon break up with me!" She yelled!  

" I had nothing to do with Damon! He broke up with you because you found a new boyfriend the minute he said he was moving!" I counter. I actually did have a little bit to do with that breakup, after I found out that Bianca was dating Jason(my other best friend) I was beyond pissed. So, to get back at her I was only going to let her keep one of them and I wanted it to be Jason. He was a player, but Damon on the other hand was super sweet and treated Bianca like a queen. I felt like she didn't deserve him, he was way to good for her slut of an ass.  

"Suuurrreeee! I know you were the one that told Damon I was with Jason!" She said proudly.  

"I didn't mean to tell him I was talking to Alyssa and he overheard me talking." I easily lie.  

"You are such a lying little bitch!" she screeched at me. As I took a look at the shiny object in her hands I noticed that it wasn't her keys like I had first thought so, it was actually a pair of large scissors. I never imagined she would really take losing Jason far, to actually think about committing suicide but why right in front of me? Is it to make me feel bad for kissing Jason?  

"Bianca, look I know that kissing Jason was wrong,"  

"Ya Think!" she interrupted me. 

"But...anyways...its not worth hurting yourself." I say calmly taking in her stance and the scissors.  

" Why would you or Jason even care what happens to me!" She says as she starts to sob. I will admit this kind did hurt watching her look so weak and vulnerable, it kind of reminded me of when I lost Jason...to her.  

"Because B only a few months ago we were...umm... friends." I say reluctantly.  

"BECAUSE KRIS YOU WERE IN LOVE WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!" she screamed at me. Okay, maybe I should just completely stop being nice.  

"I didn't know.." I said barely above a whisper. "I am truly sorry, you know i miss you always having my back...how did we get her B" i asked quietly.  

"I...I...I...I dont know." she replied.  

" Why can't we just put this behind us and forget about it. Hell, I'll even reject Jason if he asks me out." I said with hollow laughter at the end.  

" Ha! really?" Bianca asked.  

"Hell Friends are forever and boys are whatever!" I said shrugging it off as I laughed, remembering when Bianca told me that.  

"Hahaha...yeah...umm I know this is gonna sound weird but can we hug it out?" she said awkwardly.  

"Ha! I thought you would never ask." I say dropping my bag and heading into her open arms. As I wrapped my arms around Bianca her arms wrapped around me too. 

" I am so happy to finally be able to this!" Bianca exclaimed. 

"Umm..yeah i kinda missed your long hugs." I told her. I felt her arms move slightly on my back as though she was going to pull away.  

" Oh...the hug?! I wasn't talking about that." She said quickly.  

"Huh? Then what are you...,"  

"HEY!" I heard someone shout as I felt a sudden shot of pain.  

"B..." i moaned in pain as I fell to the floor.  

" Ohhh, like I would ever forgive you! Bye Bye Kris, see ya around!" She started to walk away but turned on heels facing me again, as she got on her hand and knees her face was right by mine. "Oh! I just realized I won't be seeing you around."  

"Hey Hey Hey!!" a strong panicked rough voice screamed. All I could do was try to not black out and stay somewhat awake. I was slowly closing my eyes when I wondered why I was so sleepy. My eyes were half awake when a guy comes up to me and places my head in his lap.  

" Hey, it going to be okay...I promise the police and an ambulance are on the way just hold on." He said to me, as he stroked my hair. "He was cute" I thought; I really couldn't see well my vision was failing me and it seemed like my eyes were falling even more closed every minute. So all I was able to focus on was his eyes. They were hazel with small flecks of gray. Wow, I thought; why can't I have eyes like his.  

" But why are the police coming, I am just taking a nap." I try to say strongly, but the sleepiness took over my voice.  

" Ha! I like a girl that even in the face of death can still have a sense of humor." He said brushing his fingers over my cheeks. In the far distance I heard the sirens wailing loudly as the police or ambulance raced towards me.  

"Death...hmm." I whispered to the boy with hazel eyes.  

" Is not going to taking you today!" he said strongly.  

" Wait where is Death taking me? I don't even know a Death?" I said sadly.  

"Haha! just hold on okay." he said. I was still confused on what exactly it was I was supposed to "hold on" to. As i thought about this my eyes were starting to fall close again. When all of a sudden I felt pressure on my lips and I opened my eyes to see what it was. I gradually reopened my eyes, but as I opened them all I see is the cute boy's eyes closed and his lips were on mine.  

" I promise you'll get through this...she's gone anyways so I know you're safe." he said proudly, as though he had just saved my life. After that last thought my mind went black and I fell into an abyss of blackness; "Sleep," i thought. "Finally!"



||: A/N

Here's the first chapter to my new paranormal story Fallen:) I hope you guys like it please give me some feed back:) 

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