Fallen (On Hold)

What would you do if an angel asked you to run away with him? Would you accept the risk of dying in the hands of the archangel and their war against the rouge angel or will you stay in the same town as the fallen angel that stole your heart? When Drew asks Kris to run away with him she happily accepts with the two conditions that her two best friends who know nothing of the danger they are stepping into come along. They run to the shores of California, but are they truly safe when they arrive or they in even more danger?


4. Death?

~Kris POV~

“Who the hell is Danielle Grant!” Cassie asks while we pick up all our stuff and head off towards our cars.
“Drew...do you know who Danielle Grant is?” I asked Drew who at the moment was zoned out staring that spot where Danielle’s figure had stood only five minutes earlier.
“No.” He stated plainly. “Let’s go to your house and watch some movies yeah?”
“I SECOND THAT MOTION!” Cassie screamed from her car which was about ten feet from where Drew parked.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” I whispered to Drew from the my side of the car.
“Yeah, it was just weird okay...but I am fine let’s go back to your house.” He said smiling at me but the smile didn’t really reach his eyes. I frowned at him but still agreed to him thinking maybe this will distract him.
“CAS! WE’RE HEADING BACK TO MY HOUSE OKAY!” I scream at her from where I stood.
“OKAY! SEE YOU THERE!” She screamed at me while Drew chuckled at us as we screamed at each other. I slipped into the car as he stepped into the car and managed to smile a very unconvincing smile at me while buckling up his seat buckle. This Danielle Grant really must be important if she was able to mess with Drew’s head this much. She looked like your average little teenage slut with her tight and super short clothes, but there was something about her that was different it was the energy she carried with her. It was commanding, strong, powerful demanding any and everyone’s attention as she walked passed you. I didn't know if it was because of her personality or the fact that was probably a really popular person. The whole popularity question led me to wonder what school she went too, because I was pretty sure I have never seen her at Mountain Side. Which made me wonder how she knew my name since she called me by my name and not just my name but my nickname the one only people I talked to called me.
“Are you okay?” Drew asked turning on my street.
“Yeah just thinking.” I state.
“Okay...well we’re here, how about you wait for Cassie and I’ll go inside and make some popcorn.” He asked while he stretched out his hand for my house keys.
“Yeah, that sounds good.” I say as I pull out my keys and placing them in the palm of his hand. Drew wraps his fingers around them and shoots me a small smile as he walks towards my front door while I settle down on my front lawn and wait for Cassie. My thoughts slowly fell back towards Danielle and who she was. I had never seen or heard about her, but there was a possibility that she might have been friends with Bianca and that’s how she knew me. I pulled my knees towards my chest and placed my chin on my knees as I stared towards nothing at particular. I knew Cassie would take about thirty minutes to get to my house since she probably went back to her house to get her sleepover stuff. Cassie and me have movies nights often usually the weekends or Fridays, but we usually watched three or four movies meaning we ended up finishing up around midnight or one. At first she would drive home around those times, but after the whole thing with Bianca stabbing me, her parents started to worry about her and would let her sleepover. I was starting to drift off into my thoughts, but a horn blaring scared me out of my thoughts and into the present. I instantly knew that it was Cassie from her annoying way of telling me she was here. I chuckled at her and stood up from my spot and dusted off my butt as I walked towards her black Dodge Ram truck. Cassie was a not your average girl she had a little bit country in her which is why is loved her truck.
“Am guessing you’re staying the night?” I asked giving her a hello hug even though I only say here about an hour ago.
“Hell yes...and I am guessing so is Drew?” She asked. My parent won’t home since they left about two weeks ago on a much needed vacation to the Caribbean and weren’t gonna be home until a month, so parents entrusted my safety in Drew’s hands. He usually drove me home and stayed the night at my house.
“Yeah,ummm...do you think I am being paranoid about this Danielle chick?” I voiced my worries to my best friend.
“No, you have the right to worry.” A strong husky voice said behind me.
“Drew!” My cheeks instantly turned a slight red colored with the embarrassment that he heard me being paranoid.
“Haha! Like I said before you two are just too cute.” Cassie said laughing at my embarrassment while I glared at her. If looks could kill, I swear Cassie would have fallen over dead at that moment, but a course they can’t.
“Let’s go inside.” I growled at Cassie as she continued laughing at my embarrassment, soon Drew joined in with her laughter making me stalk towards my house. I was so mad at the fact they were still laughing at me that I locked the door on my way in and ran to lock all the other doors that led into the house and stood by the front door waiting for them. After a minute the door knob jiggled and I had to bite down on my lip to keep myself from laughing.
“KRIS! NOT FUNNY OPEN THE DOOR!” Cassie screamed at me from her side of the door as she pounded on it.
“Oi! Stop pounding on my door you rowdy little teenagers!” I said in a random accent.
“Kris, this isn’t funny.” Drew said sternly which made me want to laugh again.
“Oh my dear Drew it isn't funny it’s hilarious or at least from my side of the door.” I laughed.
“Haha, Kris if you don’t open the door I am spilling all your little dark secret to my friend Drew here.” Cassie threaten. I was already moving towards the handle,but I stopped myself before opening the door not wanting to give in so quickly to her threats.
“Just to let you know I am opening the door because I am getting lonely here on my side not because of your threats.” I explain as I unlocked the door.
“Surrrreee.” Cassie says as Drew laughs at me.
“Um, Drew if you’re gonna keep laughing at me then I just going to permanently lock you out.” I threaten while tapping my foot impatiently.
“Sorry beautiful.” He said while he leaned in and kissed my cheek.
“EW! COOTIES!” I screams running towards the living room while throwing my hands everywhere for dramatic effect. I heard my feet and someone’s pounding behind as I ran past the living room and up towards the second level of the house. I made a sharp right towards my room before running into Cassie and falling to the floor with a thud.
“Ah! Cassie!” I screeched as Drew’s hand grabbed my arm and swiftly pulled me up on my feet. His arms left my arm and found my waist as he pulled me towards him until there was barely any space left between us.
“I repeat soo...cute!” Cassie exclaims walking around me and towards the living room. “Oh and we’re watching Orphan so Kris you might want to find a cuddle buddy seeing you are terrified of that movie.” She said cackling as she made her way down the stairs.
“I hope she falls breaks her arm on the way down.” I mumble.
“That’s not very nice.” Drew laughs into my ear causing shivers to rise in my back.
“She deserves it.” I say giving in and leaning back into Drew.
“She’s trying to play matchmaker, maybe we should play along.” Drew whispers softly into my ear.
“Umm...okay, but you have to explain who Danielle Grant is.” I bargained. All I get from Drew is a sigh as he tightens his grip on me.
“When Cassie falls asleep we can head up to your room and talk okay?” He compromised.
“She better fall asleep right away then.” I say quickly without even realizing what I said, but clearly Drew did and laughed softly while releasing me from his grip and grabbing my hand in his.
“Someone want alone time with me then?” He asked starting to walk towards the stairs.
“NO!” I reply a little too quickly.
“Haha, surree remember we are playing along with Cassie’s little matchmaking game okay.” He reminded me.
“Yeah okay.” I respond as he squeezes my hand slightly before loosening his grip again.
“Let’s get this movie started!” Cassie screamed from her spot on the floor in front of my couch.
“Yay.” I cheered with lack of happiness in my voice.

~After the Movie~

“Kris.” I heard a soft husky voice whisper into my ear while shaking me awake.
“Mhmm.” I said softly hoping the voice would just go away, but I think it had other plans since I felt two arm around me and pulled me off the couch. Soon I was in the arms of someone and they were carrying up the stairs I’m guessing to my room. I slowly opened my eyes and peered at Drew’s face which was looking at next step ahead of him probably so he doesn't slip and fall causing us both to fall. I had made it through the first twenty minutes of the movie before falling asleep with my head in Drew’s lap while he played with my hair. I suddenly remember why we’re heading to my room, Drew told me he would tell me everything about Danielle Grant if I played along with Cassie’s little matchmaker game. This meant Drew lied to me, he did know Danielle if not he wouldn’t be talking to me about her. Well, he better brace himself because if there is one thing I hate the most in the whole world was being lied to!
“Kris.” He whispered down at me while setting me down on the floor.
“You lied.” I state.
“ I am going to tell you everything right now I promise.” He responded opening the door to my room and motioned for me to go in.
“Okay then start explaining.” I command as I walk in with him right behind me.
“Danielle Grant is an archangel.” He said quickly while looking down at the ground.
“Um, Drew I thought we got over this whole angel thing and I saw the girl she anything, but an angel.” I state.
“That’s the point so no one would recognize her, and you remember the first time I told you all about this?” He asked suddenly.
“Yeah you rambled on for almost an hour when I was in the hospital about Bianca and Jason being evil angels or whatever.” I say shrugging my shoulders.
“Fallen. Fallen angels, but Danielle was here to warn me that the other archangels are furious at me for being here with you.” He said mumbling the last part which grabbed my attention, if he was telling the truth then these archangels were pissed because he was friends with me. There were so many things that were wrong in my life, but Drew was one of the few things that felt right. Him being here with me is one of the many reason I keep fighting each day.
“What will they do?” I ask quietly.
“They can do a lot of things actually...”He paused and from his expression he was trying to decide if he should tell me or not.
“Drew tell me what they can do.” I commanded sternly.
“They can force me back, rip off my wings and banish me to Earth, or...” He struggles to let out the words.
“They can what?” I ask.
“They...they...” He stops as his face turns pale and his eyes lock with mine. “If they find that isn’t a good enough punishment they can rip off my wings and banish me to Earth...and kill you as a consequence.” He said mumbling the last part.

Well...my dear readers:) What do you think..I know I know...KILL HER WHAT! It’s all part of my plan which will unfold soon and I hope you all missed Jasper cause he’s coming back possibly in the next chapter! Thank you to my new fans:) I have ten fans from the last time I checked soo to you amazing people thank you:) Keep reading, liking, ,commenting, and fanning. And I accept all and any comments please tell me if I am doing a good job or not!! Pretty Pretty Please:) Thank You! And I'll try to update sooner and since I'm in school I'll be updating sooner since my bus ride is forty five minutes long I have to keep myself entertained somehow til then my readers:)

FallingForYou21 xoxo

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