Fallen (On Hold)

What would you do if an angel asked you to run away with him? Would you accept the risk of dying in the hands of the archangel and their war against the rouge angel or will you stay in the same town as the fallen angel that stole your heart? When Drew asks Kris to run away with him she happily accepts with the two conditions that her two best friends who know nothing of the danger they are stepping into come along. They run to the shores of California, but are they truly safe when they arrive or they in even more danger?


6. Confessions



Chapter 6  

~Kris's POV~   

"Ohhhhh...mmyyyyyyy...GGGGGOOOODDDDDD!! How much longer!?" Abby complains from the backseat of Drew's Cadillac, which somehow we had all fit in along with our luggage. 

"We should be at the hotel in a little bit then we can stop and get a hotel room for night." I announced motherly as Abby and Cassie just start squirming around in the backseat. This has been our life for the last two days during the day we drive only stopping for food, potty breaks, or to change drivers. Then when the sun goes down we stop a hotel and spend the night there. I honestly I don't mind, but Abby and Cassie clearly are starting to feel trapped. 

"If you guys behave me and your mom will take you out to dinner." Drew announces laughing as Abby and Cassie suddenly stop squirming. 

"Do we get to pick? Wait did you say you and mom?" Abby said finally catching on to Drew's joke. 

"Slow much." Cassie mumbles but not quietly enough since Abby quickly retaliates. 

"Mean much!" She screams back making Cassie start yelling at her. There was so much yelling going on that I could already feel the migraine forming. 

"STOP ARGUING OR SO HELP ME I'LL MAKE DREW STOP THE CAR!!" I scream making everything in the car go silent, so that the only thing you should hear is the soft purr of the engine as Drew drove. I rub the front of my head with my right hand as Drew takes my left and gives it a tight squeeze. He holds onto my hand as his calm aura flows from him to me making the migraine suddenly go away. I squeeze his hand tightly as a quick sign of thanks while I hold onto his hand as he drives. We had driven in silence for about five minutes when I suddenly realized something.

"I sounded like a cliché mom." I said laughing which made Abby and Cassie to laugh at me as they realized I did.  The rest of the drive to the hotel was mostly peaceful except for the few quiet mummers between Abby and Cassie due to the fact I was still holding Drew's hand.

"We're here." Drew announced as he pulled into the parking lot to a big and fancy hotel. Abby and Cassie wasted no time and quickly jumped out and run towards the lobby. I head towards the back of Drew's car to grab mine and the girls suitcase when Drew grabs my waist and pulls me into the lobby after the girls. 

"Drew, what about the suitcases?" I ask leaning into his embrace as we walk into the lobby where Cassie was already getting us two rooms. 

"That will be $1742." The petite young woman asked as Cassie and Abby pull out their debit cards ready to pay but Drew quickly beats them.

"You don't need to pay for everything." I state as Drew punches in his pin which after watching him do it over and over again I had memorized. I bit my lower lip as I watch the receptionist lightly pull on the receipt as it came out of the small printer. She extends the receipt out at Drew who was too busy talking to Abby and Cassie about helping him get the luggage to notice. I take the receipt and smile kindly at the young woman before looking at the receipt to see the amount Drew paid. I scanned over the small piece of paper before landing on the total which was $1742!

"Kris why don't you ahead on up to the room? We're going to go get the luggage okay." Drew said smiling at me as I nodded my head and turned around to ask why it had been so much. 

"Umm...what kind of room did we get?" I ask as the receptionist moves her eyes away from her phone towards me. 

"I believe they were Royalty Suites, which reminds me I forgot to give you your room keys. So sorry!" She exclaimed going over and grabbing four cards to open our rooms with. 

"Did you say Royalty suites? How much do those cost per night?" I ask raising my eyebrows.

"Well...it's $800 per night plus taxes and room service is not included so...it could cost you guys a little bit over $2,300 at the end." She said with a smile on her face as Drew walks back inside carrying one of my suitcases. I stand stunned at how much money Drew had spent and will end up spending on just this one night stay here. I nod and give a quick thanks to the woman before walking towards the elevator where Drew, Abby, and Cassie stood waiting for me. Drew smiled at me as I angrily step into the elevator, just as it's about to close; we ride up to the top floor of the hotel in awkward silence. When it finally "bings" signaling we arrived both Cassie and Abby bolt out of the elevator their suitcases rolling behind them. 

"NIGHT" They both yell as they skip and I mean literally skip to their rooms with their suitcases rolling behind them. 

"Strange people." I mumble under my breath as I walk in the same direction, but I get suddenly stopped by Drew. His hand was clamped tightly around my wrist as he turned me back around so I was now facing him.

"What!?" I said partially annoyed as he frowns at me before pulling me quickly into our room.

"Drew, what the he-" He cuts me off by slamming his hand over my mouth. I mumble very colorful words into his hand as he motions for me to be quiet; after a few minutes he moves his hand from my mouth as I stand in the same position he left me. I glare at him now pissed off at him for one: spending so much money on a two hotel rooms and two: for pushing me into the room and then slamming his hand in my face. 

"Kris what's wrong?" He finally asks probably sensing how angry I was. 

"Two things that's what's wrong!" I said pausing giving him time to focus on my words; after a while it seems to finally dawn on him at least one of the things that was wrong. 

"Kris, they finally notice I am missing there was an archangel out there." He says suddenly slightly frightened, which in turn made me slightly scared.

"What is the worst they can do?" I say slightly relaxing before starting to stress again since I had no clue what they were capable of. 

"Well it depends what they know or think." He said moving his eyes from mine to around the round the room, which he always did whenever he was hiding something. 

"What do they think?" I ask impatiently, when he doesn't response I press again. "Drew, what do they think!?" I said angrily as my voice takes a louder more demanding tone. 

"They think I kidnapped you." He says solemnly looking at my eyes with a frightened expression, which caused my heart to beat a little faster. 

"They...think you...kidnapped me?" I ask quietly looking around waiting for something to appear and pull me away from Drew. 

"Yeah, because...I confessed to," He pauses as his cheeks turn a rosy color of pink as if he was either ashamed or blushing? Drew was blushing! 

"You confessed to what?" I said looking at him for the answer to my question. After a few more minutes of silence he finally finishes his statement with something I never thought of. 

"I confessed to...being in love with you."  



~Jasper POV~

"No, I haven't seen her since she left with her boyfriend and two friends a few days ago." Kris's elderly neighbor tells me as she smiles with her dentures. 

"Do you by any chance know where they were headed or how long they will be gone?" I ask while running a hand through my still damped hair. The old lady seemed to scrunch her face up in thought as though she was forcing the memory to come to mind. 

"I can't really remember, but I do recall her friends saying something about a girl named California coming." She said smiling like a five year old accomplishing addition all by herself. I sigh a little too loud since the old lady’s bright smile seems to fall at the sight of me not jumping for joy. 

“Thanks Mrs. Daves, I think I am just gonna call her again and see if Kris answers her phone this time.” I said while waving and walking away from the Mrs. Daves door and back into my car. She had left, but now the question is where Mrs. Daves said she overheard something about a girl named California coming. Mrs. Daves probably heard wrong and what they had actually meant was that they were going to California. That didn’t make any sense why would Kris got to California and who were the two friends what left with her. Out of her small circle the two most likely to just up and leave with Kris was Abby and Cassie maybe Alex, but there was her…boyfriend?!?! I instantly jump out of my car and run up to Mrs. Daves’s door and start banging on it until she opens it stunned at my urgency. 

“Did you forgets something sweetie?” She asks very calmly which seemed to slightly calm me down. 

“Yeah, do you by any chance know who Kris’s boyfriend is?” I ask hoping she at least remember, if he was new to Kris’s circle of friends I was hoping that she at least introduced him to her elderly neighbor before she left. 

“Oh, yes a very sweet young man with the most amazing light colored eyes I believe his name was Drew.” She said smiling as anger seemed to take over my mind at the fact that Drew was up to his games again. 

“Really, Drew are you sure Mrs. Daves?” I ask again making sure I heard her right. 

“Yes, he has most amazing colored eyes the color of caramel with little specks of gold. He has light chestnut colored hair a little too long for my taste. I would never let my grandson let his hair grown out that long.” She said as she started ranting to me but I only nod and stated I had to go. “Oh, I am sorry honey please tell Kris I said hello when you see her.” She asks me, I promise her before heading off to my car.  

“Cali, here I come.” I mumble to myself as I pull out my phone and call the last person I ever thought I was gonna call.  “Hello, Evan? It’s Jasper I need to talk to you.”   



~Kris’s POV~

    "Abby are you ready to go?" Cassie screams from my room as she laid with her head hanging down off the edge. We had stayed at the hotel for the night, but although I was thrilled to finally be sleeping in a bed. My thoughts seemed to wander back to Drew and his confession from the night before. 

"Yeah, where are we going again?" She asked grabbing her bag and shoes out of her suitcase. 

"We're going out shopping there is a Wal-Mart close by and if you guys want we can stop by the local mall." Cassie answered while she fixed her hair in the bathroom. She wore a simple white crop top with a pair of shorts that she had stole from my stuff. After a few minutes of battling her hair she sighed and grabbed one of Drew's hat and placed it on her head. Her white All Time Low wristband moved with any movement of the wrist; after she fixed Drew's hat she moved her necklace which spelled out "dance". 

"Why are you guys getting all fancied up?" Drew said from the door f our room as I stood behind Abby awkwardly. 

"We're heading off to Wal-Mart!" Abby said rather happily as I grab Drew's blue SnapBack that he had wore the day before. I went into the bathroom and stood next to Cassie in the mirror fixing the hat on my head in a similar way Cassie had. I wore a pair of leather skinny jeans with a simple grey Converse t-shirt. 

"We'll be back later." I awkwardly state to Drew who was staring at me intently as I grabbed my hoodie off the floor. I stop so I could either see it hear his response, but he just nods before walking away. I just give up trying to get more of a response out of him and I walk away behind Abby as she fixes a blue flower in her hair. 

"So what's up with you and lover boy?" Cassie asks falling in step beside me as we walk toward the elevator. 

"He loves me." I says letting out a deep breath along with those three little words. 

"No duh, Sherlock even I knew that." Abby interjected, blushing slightly after her outburst. Cassie laughs at her while I just shake my head at the two girls since they don't seen how bad this is. Drew had confessed he loved me now, not only his and mine life were up on the line, but so were Abby's and Cassie's. I wasn't going to let them die, if the decision came I would give up my life for theirs, but I doubt Drew would ever allow that. He had said if something went wrong he could always erase their memories and take them back. Technically something had gone wrong, but it was before of Drew's own actions. His actions of outright placing my life in danger with his confession had placed doubts in my mind. If I asked him to take the girls back now, would him? If I told him I wanted to go back home, would he let me? 

"Yeah, I guess I just don't know what to do with that information." I plainly state walking into the elevator locking the outside out. 

"Umm...this is the part when you tell him you're deeply in love too and you guys get together, one day get married, and have adorable little Drews and Krises." Cassie predicts as the comes to a halt and opens. 

"You got my whole life planned out or me don't you Cassie?" I ask raising my eyebrow at her. She only shrugs as we counting to walk to Drew's car which we were going to be using to drive around today. 

"I AM DRIVING!" Abby screams at us while running towards the car and standing very protectively in front of the driver's door. 

"Kay, I call shotgun." I said throwing Abby the keys and jumping into the passenger seat. 

"No, fair you always ride shotgun." Cassie mumbles from the back seat. I repeat her actions from early and only shrug my shoulders. She mumbles a few profanities under her breath as Abby starts the car and Call Me Maybe blasts through the speakers. Cassie instantly mumbles louder as me and Abby start yelling the lyrics along to Carly Rae Jespen. 

I threw a wish in the well,  Don't ask me I'll never tell  


Hey! i just met you  and this is crazy, 

But here's my number  so call me maybe?   


"Ugh, you guys are so annoying!" Cassie groans from the backseat. 

"But you love us!" I simple reply. 

"Yeah and Drew really loves you!" She teased as I sunk back in my seat. He can love me all he wants, he can never be with me. The Archangels would never allow it, they would kill me before they ever allowed that.       



||: A/N   

It's been a little over a month since I have update Fallen!! Soo! I tried to make this chapter little longer, but it probably isn that long...soo...yeah! Comment, Vote, and Fan! Please I love you guys! Thank you to my amazing 40+ fans!! Wow! 40+!! I still can't believe it! Thank you so much for the support!!   


FallingForYou21 xoxo

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