Fallen (On Hold)

What would you do if an angel asked you to run away with him? Would you accept the risk of dying in the hands of the archangel and their war against the rouge angel or will you stay in the same town as the fallen angel that stole your heart? When Drew asks Kris to run away with him she happily accepts with the two conditions that her two best friends who know nothing of the danger they are stepping into come along. They run to the shores of California, but are they truly safe when they arrive or they in even more danger?


2. Angels?


Chapter 2:  


I walk angrily towards my Charger, it was only about 100 feet from the gym so a good five minutes of walking if i took my time. Its was perfectly okay with me, honestly i wanted to take my time. Knowing Kris she would take her time getting to Starbucks I had about an hour to kill. I could go come home and change into something more "date" related, but I didn't want to seem like a player. You know break up with one girl and then an hour later be with other.   

"Ha!" I laughed out loud as I remember kissing Kris. Her sweet brown eyes staring straight at me as my dark brown almost black bore into her's. Bianca didn't even compare to Kris, in my eyes Kris was gorgeous while Bianca was just okay. Bianca was your standard typical girl, although a lot of her wasn't natural she still was a girl you could find anywhere. She had dyed her hair a honey blonde with brown stripes or "highlights" as she called them, she had typical brown almost hazel eyes, and curves of a stripper. Bianca had a nice ass and boobs, but that was all physical beauty, her inner beauty was horrible. She was cruel, heartless, and just plain horrible, but when you fall from Heaven you can turn a little heartless. Kris on the other hand was the complete opposite of Bianca not just in personality, but in looks too. Kris had natural black hair, that was almost perfectly straight without a straighter. She had curves in all the right places although she was a bit smaller than Bianca, she still was stunning. Her eyes are what blew you away, they were a beautiful dark brown eyes. They were nothing like mine though her eyes reminded me of milk chocolate with small flecks of carmel on them. While mine were two shades to dark and reminded me of darkness. Kris had constantly told me that she loved my eyes, but it was a characteristic that i couldn't control. I used to think the darkness in my eyes was a reminder of who i was: a fallen angel. I wasn't a human or a demon or nothing in between, I was an angel that fell from heaven for the horrible crime I committed.  


 As i opened my eyes all I saw was a bright white light and it blurred my vision. It took a while for my eye sight to finally adjust, and as it did I started to survey my surroundings.

"Okay Kris, where are you?" I very silently whispered to myself. I was in a bed; it was a little bit to soft for my taste, but I didn't mind. There a TV in the corner of the room and was turned on to what looked like Disney Channel. It was very quietly and you could barely hear what the characters were saying. As I took a look to my left I saw a large window that over looked the city. It might be useful later in case I need to make a quick get away; if I could open or break the actually window that looked about four inches thick. I turn my body slightly to the right, but as soon as I do there is a stabbing pain on my side.    

"Ow!" I say loudly. Out of the corner of my eye I see something move, all my defenses are up and alert. I manage to pull my body so I facing my right side. In the chair on my right there was a guy around my age sleeping in the chair. At first I just take in his amazing looks and how peaceful he actually looks. His slightly long brown hair was about an inch from his eyebrows, it was messy though as if he ran his hand through it about a million times. He had arms crossed over his chest which looked like very strong; he wasn't too buff or flabby. He had a strong and lean body, that just screamed to be hugged. I know "hugged" I have always been a hugger never understood why. He's eyes are what really took your breath away, they were a light hazel color and it reminded of my coffee with cream in the morning. There were small flecks of gray in them as well and the beautiful orbs we staring straight at me.    

"Umm...do you mind me asking why you are staring at me while I sleep. No Offense, but it's kinda creepy." He says smiling at me and revel two cute dimples.    

"Ummm...well...you see...WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!!" I say trying to sit up and instead i get stabbing pain again.    

"Hey, there we don't want you getting even more hurt." He says as he places his arm around my waist slowly setting me back down on the bed with almost no pain except a small little sharp stab as he moved his arm from my waist.   

"Umm...I still don't know who you are." i say a little breathless.    

"Ha! You're breathless at the sight of me." He asks. "It's okay I have that effect on girls." He says smirking at me.    

"Oh? Really, come here then." I say quietly sounding somewhat flirty.   

"Haha! Anything for you beautiful." The hazel eyes boy said as he got up from his chair and placed his lips only inches away from mine. He stared into my eyes intensely as I slowly brought my hand up from my lap.    

"So, did you want a close up?" He said smirking slightly at me.    

"Nope, but i couldn't reach you to do this is." I said as my hand found contact with the back of his head.    

"OW!" He yelled.    

"You deserved it! You are way too conceited, it's actually weird since I think you just might be more conceited then my friend Avril." I said grinning at his somewhat angry face.   

"Haha! Sounds like she has met her soul mate, a mirror." He said laughing slightly. I try to laugh along with him, but every time I do there is a stabbing pain on my side.   

"Oh, by the way my name is Drew."    

"Ahh...I see well my name is Kristine." I said taking his out stretched hand.    

"A beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He said smiling. I could feel a blush starting to take form on my cheeks, but Drew didn't seem to notice.    

"Soo...Drew do you happen to know why I am at the hospital?" I ask with wonder in my voice.    

"Umm? You don't remember?" He ask slowly.    

"The last thing I remember is..." I pause to truly relive the moment, and I notice the last thing I remember is pain and Bianca. " Pain and Bianca." I say flatly.    

"So, that's the bitch's name Bianca?" He asks me angrily. "Oh!! A course it would be her always had a violent and jealous streak. I guess it was the blonde hair and the new style that threw me off." He says to himself.   

"Wait! How do you know Bianca?" I ask.    

"Ohh...ummm...we used to 'work' together." He says air quotes around work.    

"Ahhhh, you're one of those poor bastards that fell for Bianca's games? Let me guess you want to thank me for breaking her and Jason up?" I said matter-a-factly.   

"Umm...well I am a poor bastard that fell for her games, but actually we used to actually work together in Heaven." He paused to look at me probably to see how I reacted.

"We used to be Archangels in training along with Jason before Bree or now Bianca and Jason fell from Heaven." He said quickly. I just stared at him for two minutes trying to understand what the hell he was saying.   

"So...you, Bianca, and Jas are angels like angels from the Bible that wear halos, white, and have big shiny white wings?" I asked suddenly, not even realizing what it was I was saying.   

"Jason's real name is actually Jasper." He says before continuing. "And no. Jasper and Bree fell about two years ago because they committed horrible crimes against the Archangels."    

"Wait, umm what are Archangels?" I asked quickly.   

"They are the highest ranked angels in Heaven, Jasper and Bree went against the rules of the Archangels. Which is a very big offense and is not taken lightly, they were thrown from Heaven as a consequence." Drew said as he looked in my eyes with his hazel ones.   

"Okay, well now that your done being crazy I gonna go back to sleep." I say as I rest my head done and slowly begin to drift off to sleep.

"Crazy, Cute boy." I whisper softly as i sleep back into my dreams.

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