Ok, this story is about me dying, just kidding. This about random stuff, anything really and if you want on the comments below you can request me to talk about a certain topic anything example 'Topic: orange' and I'll right about and orange so, please no hates and I love it if you'd comment, favorite, like plese it would mean alot to me. Well, start reading and the randomness will begin!!!!!!!!
Something, I just wanted to put out there is my 11 year old bro Tyler is standing next to me laughing. ;) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Tacos !!!!!!!!

                                        (Hi, this is Mystalyn, my freinds call me Mist but, I will tell you about my self in a later cahpter. P.S. my brother is next to me he says "My girlfreind is HOT!!!!" NOW ON WITH CHAPTER.)



          Taco's are really really really good, I love taco's ALOT so, dose Harry Styles but, I bet most of you already know that. So, many people love taco's. I love them, because I'm ME!!!!!!!! but, I also LOVE taco's because of the taste and you could put anything on it litterally ANYTHING well except; dogs,cats,babies, humans,birds,hampsters, and my BROTHER!!! well, you can but, THATS JUST WRONG!!!!!! Now I wrote a song about taco's (my insperation was my brother eating TACOS!!!)


               Taco's by: Mystalyn Nichols

                        Taco's are your freind

                      They're not very clean

                      You can eat when your glad,sad or MADDD

                        Do dooo do dooo do dooooo do dodo do o o oo

                   Tacos Tacos TaaaaaaCoooos......... TACOS


               P.S. I want to give credit to my mom(29),Madalyn(7),Emma(5) and my brother Tyler(11) for helping me with this chapter.

          Anyway, I love any type of Tacos like;

         Dorrito Taco's

         Spagetti Taco's (Harry and Niall's favorite food in one!!!)

          Cupcake Taco's

          Ice Cream Taco's

          Chicken Taco's

          And MUCH more types of Tacos it depends on your imagintation!!!!


      I feel like eating Taco's right know.OH, Should I wright about Tacos wait I ALREADY did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL 

P.S. My brother says i should wright about Mortal Combat and he is also helping me with this whole book. XD

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