Happily Never After

When Harry falls in love with Kierha.. but Kierha's not in the same place will harry fight for her will it work, will they become friends or more? when tragedy struck Kierha years ago she's left with no family and no friends will she be able to trust anyone and does kierha have a secret like no other? read to find out


5. Tickle Tickle

I cant track this call who ever called obviously got rid of the phone after any way what dumb ass keeps the phone?unless they know some one will track and use a trap? i dont know.. 

*ring ring* "Hello?" Josh said as he answered the phone "hey its me" i said back to him "kierha?" he asked not really sure "yes" "ohh what's up what do you need anything?" "yes i need you to do me a favor if you could?"  "sure anything what do you need?" i smiled "i need you to track a call for me i have to go out for supper but i really need this call tracked so please?" i asked him nicely "yes okay ill be over in thirty sound good" "sure ill be here" "okay bye" "bye" i hung up the phone and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

when i got out i slipped on a dress it was black and slimming and then grabbed my purse and put a micro chip that can pick up every thing we say and put it in and also my gun i grab it and strap it on my leg up my dress. 

okay "Hi umm im here meeting five boys and my cousin Simon" i said to the person in the front "ah yes there right over here" he said leading me over to the boys and Simon's table. "hey" i said as i saw them and harry smiled at me and so did simon and Niall pat the seat beside him and harry for me to sit so i walked over to them and sat down. "Hey cuzz im glad you could make it" "so am i" i said smiling at Simon and he smiled back at me "did you have any trouble getting here?" Simon asked "no no i took a cab i was fine" i said smiling "you shouldn't take a cab if people know your my cousin which they do now you might get mobbed" he said smiling and then taking a sip of his water "Thank you but trust me im very fine" i said smiling back at him and then taking a sip of water that was in front of me "that's my water but you can have it" i turned and looked at harry who was smiling at me "thank you" i said nudging him and he put his hand on my leg right under where my gun was positioned in one move Harry's hand could be blown off i laughed cause i was a bit ticklish and the boys all turned and looked at me and moved in closer and i was confused "your ticklish?" Louis asked me  and i looked at him confused again "no, he made me nervous thats all" "NO YOU TICKLISH" Niall said screaming "Niall do not scream" Simon said calmly "sorry" he said looking down "hey maybe i made her nervous god guys" Harry said all defensive and i giggled a bit mroe as he moved his hand a little "Your defiantly ticklish there" Liam said smiling "I hate chu" i said looking at harry "What did i do" he said all sad "your tickling me" i said laughing and nudging him again "sorry" he said smiling "how did you know?" he asked "cause i know people" "even me?" Zayn said "yes even you." i said back at him. "really" he said "yes really" i said all serious "impressive" he said smiling at me and i smiled back at him.

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