Happily Never After

When Harry falls in love with Kierha.. but Kierha's not in the same place will harry fight for her will it work, will they become friends or more? when tragedy struck Kierha years ago she's left with no family and no friends will she be able to trust anyone and does kierha have a secret like no other? read to find out


13. Special Feeling

When we got to Simons cabin i walked out and went to the door and knocked and within second i heard a gun fire i turned to look at the car no one got shot there? all i heard was harry yelling at me "KIERHA" i looked down and it was me who was shot i dropped to my knees and put my hand over where i was shot.

Harry came running out and so did everyone else and they picked me up and threw me into the passanger seat on Harrys lap and Louis ran into the cabin and came running out with simon

"Kierha talk to me look at me your gonna be alright okay were gonna take you to the hospital" "i n-e-e-d to fi-ni- sh- my my my mission" i said back and Harry looked at josh "Okay right now would be the perfect time to tell me what the hell is going on?" "I cant okay i could get fired maybe not Kierha cause shes like famous but i could!" josh responded back to him.

When we got to the hospital it all went black but when i woke up my arm was in a swing and i had a huge bandage all around my body 

I sat up and saw harry sitting in the chair next to my bed and i saw Josh at the foot of the bed when i leaned over it hurt so i had to lay back down the boys were both asleep and were not moving a muscle "Harry" i said while touching his arm and he woke up rubbed his eyes and looked at me "KIERHA" he screamed waking up Josh who then screamed "KIERHA" and a nurse came running in and Harry looked at her "Sorry" he said and she shook her head than walked out.

"Kierha whats going on?" Harry asked me "I-I Harry theres a lot a lot a lot a lot about me you dont wanna know and you wont like me once i tell you okay so we just we cant talk about whats happening just yet just give me a bit alright?" "Fine fine.." he said sitting back down than grabbing something under his feet,,. Flowers... "Harry" i said as he handed them to me and i smiled.. that was the first time i have ever gotten flowers ever,,, i feel so special.."Thank you" i said smiling and he smiled back at me "anything for my girl" 

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