Happily Never After

When Harry falls in love with Kierha.. but Kierha's not in the same place will harry fight for her will it work, will they become friends or more? when tragedy struck Kierha years ago she's left with no family and no friends will she be able to trust anyone and does kierha have a secret like no other? read to find out


1. Meet and Greet

*we are now boarding the people to Miami*

as i walked by the kids the adults and the babies i was stared at eyes on me like my secret was no longer a secret.. i boarded my plane right on time.. im 19 years old and i grew up like everyone other kid except for my dad wasn't just any dad. my dad was an FBI worker an undercover worker a man of many talents and of coarse i followed in his foot steps im one of the most valued agents they have so i guess im not a 'normal' 19 year old.. what's normal really anyway huh... anyway im going to Miami because of a murder who is trying to kill these pop stars i really don't know why they gave me this assignment but they did so anyway my job is to become friends with these umm boys i think they are and find out details as much as possible and of coarse track and destroy the enemy. 

*we are now exciting the plane please make sure all items are with you and we hope you enjoyed the flight thank you* "excuse me but you have to go through this metal detector" "i went through one before the flight?" "yes we are also doing one after now ma'am any refuses and you get thrown in jail until you do so miss" i took out my badge "you can address me as agent and no i think im going to not i have a gun with me so step aside" they moved right away as i walked trough the machine and away the buzzer going off..

"hello im kierha" "ahh yes your here about the murder thing right?" "yes.." "the boys are at an interview right now but when they come back you will be Simon's cousin who just came for visiting try and really get to know them and become friends" "i know the drill" i said walking past him and sitting down then grabbing an apple as i waited what felt like hours..

when the boys walked out a curly haired one noticed me right away i smiled at him and he smiled back and kept walking i stood up and nodded at there security guard as he knew why "boss this is Simon's cousin Kierha" they turned around and all shook my hand "Nice watch" the blonde on said going to touch it "DON'T" I hissed at it he backed up scared "umm sorry" he said "ohh um its just simon said don't let um" i looked at my hand where it said blonde one-Niall "Niall touch this" i said looking back up and smiling at them "are you staying at Simon's house?" the curly haired one asked me i looked at my hand again Curly-Harry "yeah harry i am are you?" i asked them "YEAH" the really loud one said i looked at my hand again Stripes-Louis High Hair-Zayn and Smart-Liam... 

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