Happily Never After

When Harry falls in love with Kierha.. but Kierha's not in the same place will harry fight for her will it work, will they become friends or more? when tragedy struck Kierha years ago she's left with no family and no friends will she be able to trust anyone and does kierha have a secret like no other? read to find out


10. Hide and Seek part two

When we got back to simons house i looked at josh "i got top whole top and bottom if you think you could watch outside?" i asked him "Yeah i can but you must be crazy if you think you could watch the whole top and bottom by your self" "i can" i said loading my guns "are you sure?" "yes" i responded and hopped out of the vehicle and started running to simons house. we parked seven blocks away. than once i got there i typed in the password and let Josh in and than typed in the password for it to close. 

When i got inside i placed one gun under Harry's bed, a pistole and left a note on it as well.

Than i ran to the kitchen and put one gun in the sink and than ran to the living room put on gun under a couch cushion and than ran back up the stairs and to simons room i put the finger print powder all over the desk than on the floor than i placed the smoke bomb in the spare room next to Simons office which was my room for the time i spent there. 

than i ran back over to the other side of the house and placed my AK in the cabined with books in front of it than i put its bullets under it in the other cabined and than ran back down the stairs and back out side i took out my FBI wakey and talked into it "Joshua?" i waited "Its Josh.." "oh my god okay Josh you alright are you set up or do you need any help?" "im fine thank you" "okay i was making sure, where are you?" "im in the cabin to the right of the back yard" "alright man ill see you when this is all over and done with" "alright Kierha, see you soon buddy" "see you soon" i responded back than ran back in the house and into Louis room which is beside simons room up stairs also beside Harry's and i layed under the bed. with one pistole and a bomb. 

I waited there all night and than all the next day until finally the night... the night he is coming. 

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