Happily Never After

When Harry falls in love with Kierha.. but Kierha's not in the same place will harry fight for her will it work, will they become friends or more? when tragedy struck Kierha years ago she's left with no family and no friends will she be able to trust anyone and does kierha have a secret like no other? read to find out


2. Camera's

when we got to Simon's house he showed me to my room and i put my stuff there... i looked around then harry walked into my room "Hey umm" he said scratching his head i smiled at him "were going out for a bite to eat if you wanna come" "ummm i was thinking about just laying down or being lazy and sitting around" i said laughing "yeah im sure i bet your tired ill stay back with you" "toy don't have to im fine" i said smiling at him and he smiled to "i want to" he said walking out of the door then my phone rang "Hello?" "kierha this is agents corpe" "hello.." "we were wondering how your doing on the case so far?" "fine i just got to my first location then ill be putting cameras around the premisses" i said looking through my notes to document what ill be doing and my mission "great, please call me soon" "i will" "ill be waiting good by miss, have a nice night" "you to say hello to scavy would you" "will do bye" "good bye" i said hanging up the phone...

"Hey everyone's gone wanna watch a movie" "id love to meet you down there in 30?" "sure" harry said smiling and running out of the room alright now to put up though's cameras i put on before the stairs.. then there was a knock at the door i slide down the railing and put my hand on my gun that was in my pants on the back... harry walked up to the door and saw me "hey you wanna answer it or should i?" he said laughing "what ever you want" i said in a low voice he opened the door "pizza delivery for Mr.....styles?" "THAT'S ME" he said happy and i let out a sigh and walked back up the stairs and back into my room "I HOPE YOU LIKE PIZZA" harry yelled from the bottom of the stairs i texted simon 'when you guys coming to house i need to talk.Agent. 97876' that was my number i use when its unsafe to use my actual name i have many others but that's one of them. 'soon as they eat Niall's done already so hopefully soon at least before he gets hungry again!!!' 'Ok.' i said back and put my pajama's on and put my gun's in the drawer of the night stand.

"you coming down to watch the movie?" i heard harry yell from down stairs "yup right now" i said as i walked out of my room then down the stairs to harry as i sat down next to him "popcorn?" he looked at me "popcorn?" i asked him "...you don't know what popcorn is?" "ohh umm yeah of coarse i do why wouldn't i" i said scratching my head and laughing and looking at the tv screen "so do you want some?" "some what?" i asked him "popcorn" he said laughing "oh yeah right umm only if you are.. having...some..." he laughed "ill go make us some" he said getting up then walking out of the room.. then there was another knock at the door "CAN YOU GET THAT" i heard harry yell from the kitchen "yeah" i yelled back and tehn walked up to the door "who is it" i said "open the door and you'll find out." i heard on the other end of the door i opened the door and saw..


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