Happily Never After

When Harry falls in love with Kierha.. but Kierha's not in the same place will harry fight for her will it work, will they become friends or more? when tragedy struck Kierha years ago she's left with no family and no friends will she be able to trust anyone and does kierha have a secret like no other? read to find out


4. Another Day On The Job.

*agent head quarters* "Kierha i hope you have good news for me on the mission lately?" my boss said staring at me "i do actually sir Harry Style's" "yes yes huge pop star what about him?" "well the agency told me that lots have teens target there eyes on him so if he wore to be in a relationship his status would get lower so may be we hire an actress" i said asking him and staring at him and he knew that it was a good idea cause when do i have bad ones. im just kidding but still. "i think its a great idea but the agency is keeping a down low on things right now so instead of hiring someone you will become his new girlfriend Kierha." he said crossing his arms "but sir i don't want to be his girl friend" i said crossing my arms "its not about what you want its about what is good for this operation should i call it." "fine sir i will do it but the mess is on your hands" i said grabbing my folder about the latest murders and leaving.

"Kierha your back where did you go again i forget?" Louis said jumping up from the table and running over to me and i laughed "my umm i had a umm doctors appointment" i said scratching my head and he laughed "it wasn't suppose to be a trick question" and i laughed "i know i just weird had a umm brain fart if you will" and we both laughed then Niall came walking down the stairs and saw us "KIERHA" he screamed and ran up to me and gave me a hug "I have gossip wanna hear it?" "umm" "Niall don't be telling her what i know your going to tell her" Louis said angrily and crossing his arms "fine" Niall said frowning and Louis then walked away.. "SO tell me loser" i said nudging him "No you heard Louis i might get smacked up cross the head if they ever found out i told you" "im not going to tell anyone you told me" "pinky promise" and i laughed "pinky promise" i said back as we locked pinkys. 

He stood sat down on me like a baby and whispered in my ear "Harry likes you" and then he got up and ran away. well this task may have been easier then i thought.

"Kierha hey" i heard someone say behind me as i turned around from putting my clothes away and saw harry "hey what's up?" "well me and the guys and your cousin are all going to get something to eat and were wondering if you wanted to come with us?" i smiled at him and he smiled back "of coarse" i said turning back to my clothes and then i heard harry walk into my room and closing the door behind him "oh was there something else?" i asked him politely "yeah there is umm.." "yeah?" he looked down at the ground and then back up at me. then the door flung open and simon was standing there "umm kierha.. your mother is on the phone" "okay" i said back and ran out the door and me and simon walked to his office.

"soo what's up?" i asked him crossing my arms "Niall got a threat the other day by an un-non caller?" simon said looking at me "man or female?" i asked him back "Man" he said back to me "thats weird i was suspecting a female but anyway's give me the phone ill try to track that private number as best i can." "okay" simon said walking away and then coming back with the phone. "are you coming to supper with us today?" "umm yeah but ill meet you guys there okay?" 


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