The Three Musketeers

Crime is all over the world,
Might even be infront of you,
Who is going to stop it ?


4. You fat pigs!

Demetra's P.O.V

When we entered the pizza shop Cassie ran into the kitchen and grabbed every single pizza she saw. "Wow Cassie how many pizzas you fat pig " I said

''Guys we have to start on this investigation" "After the pizza rosie posie" "Fine"  BANG! We heard a gun shot in the alleyway we ran out only to find blood all over the floor and Diablos dragging a body on the floor . Cassie fell to the ground in tears as she realised who it was .......................... It was Valentina, I rubbed her back as Rosie ran after Diablos who wet his pants just looking at us.

She caught him, slapped him and kicked him so bad that tears were running down his hideous face like Niagara falls and we also noticed that he was wearing mascara how wierd...



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