The Three Musketeers

Crime is all over the world,
Might even be infront of you,
Who is going to stop it ?


2. What to do?

Cassandra's P.O.V

I looked at Demi's face which was in shock, she was scared since Diablos is her Godfather who killed both of her parents, I read her mind only to see all her old memories coming back, but she had to fight for freedom, fight for her normal life and fight for us.

We all had powers I could mind read, Demi was psychic and Rosie could run a thousand miles in one minute. These powers and our spy gadgets are the only things we have to defeat "He who shall not be named".


We went to Rosies house and she took us to the magic light, the light that leads us anywhere we want and this time we had to go to CrimeTon, to see my older sister Valentina, she was 3 years older than me which meant she was 21.

I entered her house only to find a note with blood that said:

Dear Demi, Cassie and Rosie,

Your beautiful sister Valentina has been taken to a better place,


Signed your handsome Godfather Diablos......

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