The Three Musketeers

Crime is all over the world,
Might even be infront of you,
Who is going to stop it ?


1. Meeting Eachother

Demetra's P.O.V

Today was the day, I finally got to see my two BFF's well it was the first day of school and I couldn't wait to see what was left in the world Crime-ton which is a strange world which we always go to in school times and helped solve the biggest crimes ever committed all we had to do was follow the light.

I spotted Cassandra first she had her sneaky spy watch with a calculator on it , I think she cheats on Math tests using that watch, she came running up to me and hugged me she also whispered in my ear 'I just received a message from H.L (our spy boss) saying that Diablos is trying to destroy the Galaxy which destroys us to! We have to go now but we have to find Rosie and protect her because before the galaxy he is going to aim for us.


Thank you for taking time to read this book please FAN/LIKE/FAVOURITE/COMMENT this movella Im new to this site so please no harsh comments and BTW im only 11. Again Thank you for reading this movella and I will try to update it every week !

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