The Best Legacy, to Leave Behind!

Poem, about the legacy, and what it is for some people, in different ways to each other, legacy can be so many things!


1. The Best Legacy, to Leave Behind!



A good advice’s a great legacy to leave behind,

It can rest a lot of people’s aching minds,

Even a good medicine to help someone,

Can leave a print in life and shine like the sun,

I said once, and I’ll say it again,

That the music too, can get away your pain,

Or a nice poem to make someone smile,

Whenever he or she reads it every while,

Or a funny joke that people can have,

To tell it to everyone and make them laugh,

Or being good to people will help too,

Believe me; I’m saying the truth,

Or a precious jewelry, someone says,

But they’re all opinions, in different ways,

You express yours, and I express mine,

With no offense, we can rise,

With our thinking to help mankind,

And this is the best legacy to leave behind!

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