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When Nicole and Chrissy go to London... They never expect anything too exciting to happen. But both their lives change that one, cold, December afternoon.


7. Still Hurting, Not Missing You


    I felt like such an idiot! I was stuttering and I knew my face was red. Then he silently laughed at how flustered I was and I felt my face grow hot. Suddenly, I received a text. I looked down and saw the name, but I already knew who it was from.

    It read: 'from Austin; Hey Nicky! I miss u and am rly sry 4 what happened... I rly do luv u. Can't wait 2 c u in a month! Oh, and if u even think about ignoring me, u know wht will happen.' oh God.. I thought. 'Austin,' I replied, ' I know wat u did and it is unforgivable! I dont miss u. Do watever u want, but we are never getting back together!' (-to all the readers, not intentional Taylor Swift reference-) I sent the text feeling happier, but a little nervous wondering what exactly his threat meant and if it was serious. Why do I always get mixed up in the wrong boys??!!


    I looked over at Chrissy after Nicole left. She looked a little worried. Zayn started to walk into the woods where Nic went. I decided to follow, but Niall and Louis stayed behind and Niall was pulling out food and offering some to Chrissy. A little while away, we found her. She was sitting against a tree all curled up and looked kind of cold. Zayn and I sat down next to her. She looked up and immediately started blushing again.

    "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yes, everything is fine." she replied, but I could tell something was still bothering her. "Well, you seem a little upset by something and we would like to help." she looked down at the snowy ground. " I'm sure you guys can't be trouble with little worries like mine." Ouch. That one hurt. I hate when people act like they aren't good enough to be troubling us. We honestly aren't that different. 


    I was shocked when Harry Styles and Zayn Malik came and sat down next to me. I was even more shocked when Harry asked me what was wrong and I said I was sure they couldn't be troubled with little worries like mine. After I saw the hurt register on Harry's face, I instantly took it back. I felt horrible because it sounded like I thought they were too good for me. I bet they get stuff like that all the time and it wasn't right of me to assume given that I don't even know them.

     "Of course we care and really do want to help." said Zayn sounding a little put out. "No... That... Isn't what I meant... It's just, I am having some issues with my boyfriend right now... Well I guess he isn't my boyfriend and... Well... He just doesn't get it... I mean he says he loves me then... Wait! I'm sorry... I'm talking to much." I mentally slapped myself. Way to go Nicky... Way to go... 

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