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When Nicole and Chrissy go to London... They never expect anything too exciting to happen. But both their lives change that one, cold, December afternoon.


13. Shopping Time

  NICOLE'S P.O.V.    

    We went into town and found a small shop with absolutely gorgeous dresses. I found a beautiful dress that was soft, blue, had a thin gold belt, and came a little above my knees.  (go to this address to see this dress) It complemented my blue eyes very nicely. I walked out of the dressing room and Chrissy immediately jumped up and ran to me. She pulled me into a hug and pulled away and held me at arms length and looked me over. "Oh Nic!" She exclaimed. "it looks perfect!" I looked over at my aunt. I asked, "What do you think Aunt Gabby?" She said, "Any boy to see you in this dress would have to be blind not to be instantly in love!" "Just don't go anywhere near Niall in it." Chrissy said while giggling. I laughed and went to change back into my clothes.

    After I had changed Chrissy went in to change into her dress she had found. It was gorgeous. It was purple and flowy. It fit her perfectly. (go to this address to see her dress)     Next, it was time for accessories and shoes. I got some light blue strap heels, and Chrissy got a pair of purple heels. I found Chrissy a purple necklace and and earrings,  me a blue pair of earrings and bracelet. When we got back to aunt Gabby's house, it was pretty late. We had eaten while we were out, so we said goodnight to my aunt and thanked her, then we brought our bags to our room and got into bed.


    Nic looked absolutely stunning in her dress. I looked okay, Nic and her aunt told me I looked stunning in my dress as well, but I didn't think it looked as good on me as Nic's dress looked on her. I hope Niall didn't fall in love with her or anything because I really liked him and Nic got all the guys. I've always been kinda shy around guys, but it felt easy to talk to Niall. I've had so many complicated and bad relationships, but I feel like I could get luckier this time... at least if he doesn't fall for Nic.      

    That night it was hard for me to fall asleep, so I texted Niall:  'Hey Niall, i cant fall asleep, u up?' In 2 minutes he replied: 'ya, im awake. rly excited for tomorrow night! :) it will b kinda fancy so dress nice.' Good, I thought, because we had already bought our dresses. I replied, 'im excited 2! but also a little nervous.' he quickly texted back, 'dont b, we dont bite! :)' I laughed at this and texted him for a little while longer before finally falling asleep.




Hey people! thanks for reading my story! Hope you enjoy it so far.... but there aren't any comments about it and I REALLY want to know how I'm doing. So please just take 2 seconds and tell me what you think. I would appreciate it because this is my first EVER fanfic! Maybe you can give me some ideas or something. (idk how to make links work so u can just copy and paste what is written.)

Thank you soo much!     ~magsie 

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