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When Nicole and Chrissy go to London... They never expect anything too exciting to happen. But both their lives change that one, cold, December afternoon.


10. See Ya Soon?


    "Harry, Zayn, and I got up and started walking back. When we got there, the other three were laughing away. Chrissy seemed to be enjoying herself. Then Harry's phone rang and his face looked a little sadder. "Boys..." he began, "That was management, and they need us back now." "NOOOO!!" Niall whined. "Why do we have to go back?" Zayn asked. "Shh... It's ok carrot, Niall wont eat you." Louis added to his carrot, which made Chrissy and I giggle a little. "They say they need us to go to bed early and we need enough time to go over our schedule for tomorrow, because we have a really early interview. We are really sorry girls, but we will have to see you later." Harry said with a frown. See us later?? That probably means they'll never see us again , I thought.


    I was frustrated. I didn't want to have to leave now. So I quickly checked our schedule for the next day and felt myself smile. "Are you girls free tomorrow from 7pm-10pm?" I asked. Nicole looked confused, "We don't have anything planned, why?" I smiled even bigger and said, " Well, the boys and I are free then as well, and would love it if you two would go to dinner with us!" Chrissy hopped with excitement and said, " We would LOVE to!" Niall and I laughed at how excited she seemed. I think Niall fancied Chrissy. He seemed a little shy around her and he kept on watching her. I found myself wondering what would happen in the next month. 


    I hoped to see these girls again. They seemed like lots of fun. I think Harry and Niall fancied them... So when the idea of dinner tomorrow night came up, I was quite excited. I could tell there was gonna be some winter romance with these guys. "Well, we have to leave now, but we'll pick you up at 7 at your house. Just give me your numbers and text me your address." Harry said to the girls. We all exchanged numbers, said our goodbyes, and, sadly, parted ways.

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