Back To December

When Nicole and Chrissy go to London... They never expect anything too exciting to happen. But both their lives change that one, cold, December afternoon.


9. Meanwhile…


    After Harry and Zayn left, Niall came and sat on my left, Louis on my right. It was taking some serious effort for me not to fangirl. Niall opened his bag of food... It smelled sooo good! "Want some?" he asked with an adorable accent and smile. How could I say no? "I'd love some! But do you have enough?" I asked. "Babe, he bought enough to feed a whole concert stadium!" Louis laughed. I giggled and took the offered food. His hand brushed mine and... Did he blush?... No, c'mon Chrissy, don't be silly with your fangirl fantasies! "So, you said your name is Chrissy?" "Yes!" I answered way too quickly. "Well that's a pretty name." Niall said smiling. "Do we have any carrots?!" Louis shrieked. I laughed. "Yes Tommo, of course we have carrots!" Niall said while laughing. He pulled out a few carrots and handed them to Louis. He shrieked with delight and started nibbling on one of them while caressing the other two in his arms. It was quite the funny sight.

    "So, we heard you singing..." said Niall after eating for a few minutes. Oh god... I thought. We were probably horrible! "You two both have beautiful singing voices." Niall said. "Really?!" I asked, astonished. "Yes! You also played guitar very lovely." He added. Wow was his accent cute... He was just so incredibly adorable! Stop it Chrissy, don't fall for someone you'll never see again! I once again reminded myself.

NIALL'S P.O.V.    

    She seemed so shocked when I complimented her singing and guitar. She started blushing, but I didn't doubt I was as well. She was so pretty. Her personality was so cute, and she seemed pretty comfortable around us. She didn't scream or pass out or cry or anything like that. She seemed to like Louis and I for who we were, not Niall and Louis from One Direction, just Niall and Louis, if you get what I mean. But it is kinda too soon to tell. I felt a little nervous around her, like i was scared of making myself look like an idiot in front of her. I'd never felt like this before, and I think I was falling for her....

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