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When Nicole and Chrissy go to London... They never expect anything too exciting to happen. But both their lives change that one, cold, December afternoon.


4. Let's Go


    I woke up to the smell of my favorite breakfast being made. Chocolate chip pancakes!!! My aunt always made them when I was with her. She knows how much I love them. Chrissy was in her pjs and eating a very large stack of pancakes. I sat down while aunt Gabby fixed me up a plate full. After breakfast, Chrissy and I went to get dressed for the day. Chrissy was was wearing black leggings and a long sleeved gray Minnie Mouse shirt that was very cute on her. I wore leggings as well being that it was very cold outside, and put on a dark blue, long sleeved, tight fitting top. We both went downstairs, slipped on our favorite boots, pulled on our coats, grabbed our purses, and headed off to the bus stop.

    HARRY'S P.O.V.

    " Please??!!" Louis whined. "No!" I said back, "It is too cold out today to do anything!" " C'mon Harry, it is one of the only rehearsal free days we have until the concert!" said Niall. " It isn't even that cold!" Liam chimed in from the bathroom where he was styling his hair. Zayn sat on the couch waiting for us to decide what was going to happen today. Eventually, Niall's and Louis's puppy dog faces were just too much and I had to give in.
Louis and Niall both wanted to have some fun today because we had rehearsal almost all day, every day until the holiday concert, and today was about all the free time we were gonna get. Liam wasn't coming with us, because Danielle was in the area and they were going to hang out together today. So Zayne, Niall, Louis and I headed off to go shop around for a bit. 
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