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When Nicole and Chrissy go to London... They never expect anything too exciting to happen. But both their lives change that one, cold, December afternoon.


8. I Care

HARRY'S P.O.V.    

    She was stuttering and obviously still nervous around us. "I guess I always get the wrong guys...." she said, then lowered her eyes once again. Poor girl... Some guys can be really horrible. They just don't know how to properly treat a girl. "Well love, it happens sometimes and eventually you will find your perfect guy. It just takes some time." I wanted her to know that we cared. She was a fan of ours, and we hate to see them hurt. She seemed really sweet and was cute. It hurts me to think that someone could hurt her.

     I wonder if she was going to our concert.... She was obviously American, so maybe she came for our concert. Her phone beeped and she looked at her text. I turned away and saw Zayn do the same because we didn't want to be in her business. I looked over at her and saw a tear roll down her cheek. She took a deep breath and deleted the text. I managed to see the name 'Austin'  right before it disappeared. If he does anything to hurt her even further.....


    They were being so sweet... Like they actually cared. I saw them studying me, so I looked down and felt my face grow hot once again... But what would you expect to happen in the presence of a world famous boy band? My phone beeped. 'From Austin: ok... Well u know the consequences.... Can't wait 2 c u again! Prepare 4 some humiliation... U know tht no one dumps me then gets away with it. Remember the last girl?'

    Harry and Zayn were kind enought to turn away, but just as Harry was turning to face me, I pressed delete and felt a tear slide down my cheek. "What happened? You don't have to tell us, but we really DO care." said Zayn. My god he was hot. "It's nothing, really." I said (lie). "It's over now." (lie). "I just finally got rid of someone who was making my life pretty hard and sad." (pretty true, but he wasn't completely kicked out of my life yet. Luckily I wasn't  back in school for a whole month... Plenty of time to sort this out). 

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