Geek kick asses!

Kira is a hacker and The company owner of "Lovin" a store for clothes and it's the biggest clothing company in the fashion world. You would have think that she's the girl who has it all.. If you thought that you thought wrong.. She's a "normal" high school geek girl... Nobody really knows that she was rich not even her parents... One day Miss popular tried to bully her and ended up kissing Kira's feet.

OH and did I mention that she's a master in 7 kind of martial arts and is a master at throwing knives, shoting guns, and is a sword master.... and knows 20 languages.... and that the player of the school might have a dirty secret?


9. She-demon....

The look on my Mom's face was priceless. It should be captured and put in a case of bulletproof glass. For what reasons why might you ask.... Hmmm... all the wrong ones.

I could literally feel her eyes burning into my skull as she was signing my bail papers with vengeance.... vengeance that shall be serve as soon as we are cleared of all Authority figures... 

Ahh.. My life it's going to end so soon... Ahh.. I would never get to eat my gram ma's delicious chocolate pie... Never get to go surfing with my dad. Never ever ea-

"Kira..." My mother's icy voice penetrated my eardrums to my brain as she said my name in such, a-oh so lovely motherly voice...

My body of course, instinctively went rigid from the iciness of my mother's voice... 

Feeling the arctic wind rush through my body, I became even more rigid and tense...

I am going to die!! I CAN FEEL IT! HAHAHAHA! Good bye world!!

The room began to disappear as i 'fall' on the floor... Fainting..

Of course it was a fake faint but it was a diversion. A poor diversion but none the less a diversion that could potentially buy me time to prepare myself mentally of what is going to happen when I get home and hopefully lessen the punishment that the she-demon was coming up with (Kira's mom).


all my hopes of having a lessen punishment and not dying...

was crushed...

as the she-demon said in the ever so sickly sick sweet voice of her's... When she's going to kill you,

"Don't worry about her, she just have a over reactive imaginations. She'll be better when we get home! I shall straighten her up in no time. No need to worry... You will never ever see her again..." 

"Good! Young kids these days needs a-lot of discipline madam, take care of her and teach her a lesson or two when you get home." wheezed a fat police officer. 

"Oh i will!" My mother cheerily replied..


I knew it..







Hi guys I hope you like this short chapter! I'm sorry I have not updated GKA for a long time and I hope you guys forgive me. :_( But I promise I will do better with my updates sooo... Keep on supporting me!  I love all of you people that are reading my movella! I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading! :D Oh and one more thing, I did not spell check/edit any of this so my grammer is not perfect, just saying I know so don't go all Grammer nazi on me, kay.




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