Geek kick asses!

Kira is a hacker and The company owner of "Lovin" a store for clothes and it's the biggest clothing company in the fashion world. You would have think that she's the girl who has it all.. If you thought that you thought wrong.. She's a "normal" high school geek girl... Nobody really knows that she was rich not even her parents... One day Miss popular tried to bully her and ended up kissing Kira's feet.

OH and did I mention that she's a master in 7 kind of martial arts and is a master at throwing knives, shoting guns, and is a sword master.... and knows 20 languages.... and that the player of the school might have a dirty secret?


6. One direction talk with the guy who tried to kill me ;)


"Don't start boy if you want to keep your precious pistol i suggest you to shut the hell up before make sure that thing won't ever agian go through another beinging virgina! YOu here me!" My voice dangerously low and meancing.. He turned paler and paler by the second knowing that i wasn't kidding..

"Sooooo....." He started

"Sooo what! Hurry up i don't want to be late as you can see mY fugdenugget of a bus left me.." I glowered at him...

" I I I I wasss wonderring if i can drop you off at school instead becaaseee youuuu missss yourrr bu bu buss." He studdered out.

I stare at him for a momment and nodded my head. As i made the motion with my head i felt something perice through the air and lightly scratch my face.... My brain slowly process what just happen..

I look at where the "Thing" hit and it hit a light post... and the thing was a bullet... a big one too.. My body turn to battle mode. My eye complete void of any emotion.. I look around looking for my target..

I found it... I GRIN... not a small grin but a full blown grin.. Kill time...


Me:"Muwahha Muwhahahahaha-"

Man in black:"The hell?"

ME: "Muwhahahaha Muwhahaha-"

Man in black: "Okay Okay Asian girl stop that! It's getting freaky! 

Me: "Muwhaa muwahhaaa-"

MIB: "I just tried to kill you and all you do is laugh! Whats wrong with you woman!"

Me: "Muwhahaahaha-*Chokes on spit*" *Holds one finger up*

MIB: "YOu WERID ASS CHOKING TEENAGE GIRL! I AM NOT GOING TO WAIT FOR YOU!Whats with you women you all so crazy! I am glad to be gay! Ack women and their nonsense." *Fires the gun*

Me: *Jumps and somersault in the air* "Missed again midget." I smirk and stick my tongue out at him.

(A/N Okay back to the regular dialogue lol i just wanted to try that ;) )

"Midget did you just call me MIDGET!! Ahhhh!! die!!" The SHORT man in black yelled. While firing the gun multiple times trying to hit me.

"Uhhh you kinda missed dude... You suck. Who ever hired as a assassin must be screaming and pulling their 'gray' hair from all the stress! MIDGET!" I mockingly told the SMIB (Short Man In Black). 

"ARGGGG! Die DIE DIE!!" SMIB yells out loud enrage that I mock him. 

"I'm sorry honey i can't die. I didn't even get to see a One direction concert yet and still have yet to get to see Harry naked! and I-"

"I don't get a dam-... Wait did you say One direction !?!! Harry naked! OMG OMG OMG One direction 1D I <3 1D-" SMIB (Short Man In Black)  lets out a worthy fan girl scream.

"I KNOW RIGHT! LIKE OMG OMG! Louis is such a hottie too! Definitely BOYFRIEND MATERIAL!" I replied back with the same enthusiasm. 

"I know right and omg  Niall is just soo so cute! I can rape him and-!" SMIB scream making a huge commotion causing people to look at us weirdly. 

"Umm... Okay then.. OH and did you guys forget me or something? And Kira did you forget that he tried to shoot you in the ass?" James voice appeared and sounded quite offended we forgot about him and talk about one direction and pointed his finger at the little man. 

"Oh yeah haha I forgot about it when we were talking about one direction...hehe..." I scratch the back of my head embarrass.

'WHEEUM WHEEUM' The police car siren sounded off and was speeding towards us... And stop when the car was park right in front of us.

"Put your hands up in the air!" Yelled the fat policeman. When he Slowly SLowly got out of the car.

We all raised our hands and waited to be taken away...

Ahhh this was not my day... I'm so going to kill by mom now... *shudders* 

Oh yeah note to self never start talking with somebody who has a gun that was shooting at you and was screaming about one direction causing a commotion. Because people that stop to look at the scene will call the cops... Damn...


So hey guys this is like super short.. I know and I'm sorry! I'm sorry for not updating to sooner...I promise i will do better... Maybe some encouragement can do me some good. 40 reads and i will automatically update :D SO PLEASE PLEASE!! 


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