Geek kick asses!

Kira is a hacker and The company owner of "Lovin" a store for clothes and it's the biggest clothing company in the fashion world. You would have think that she's the girl who has it all.. If you thought that you thought wrong.. She's a "normal" high school geek girl... Nobody really knows that she was rich not even her parents... One day Miss popular tried to bully her and ended up kissing Kira's feet.

OH and did I mention that she's a master in 7 kind of martial arts and is a master at throwing knives, shoting guns, and is a sword master.... and knows 20 languages.... and that the player of the school might have a dirty secret?


7. Meeting the 4 British boys and 1 Irish!


Ahhh this was not my day... I'm so going to kill by mom now... *shudders* 

Oh yeah note to self never start talking with somebody who has a gun that was shooting at you and was screaming about one direction causing a commotion. Because people that stop to look at the scene will call the cops... Damn...


"Sooo... Are those two in trouble?" I ask breaking the silence that was in the car. 

"Yes and you too lil missy!" The fat policemen wheezed out while driving us three to police station...

Yes! You heard it THREE!! THREE of us is stuck in backseat of a police car!

Did I mention how uncomfortable it being stuck in the middle of a 6'4 and 4'11 feet guys who was glaring at each other with the meanest death glare they both have! And THAT I WAS IN THE MIDDLE!! 

God hates me. Wait no not God... Mr. BADLUCK does! Yeah that's right I made my own deity! One that I do not care to pray to but rather hate...Ahhh wait hate is such a strong word that i will have to  revise that! I extremely DISLIKE IT with a passion! 

"BUT I didn't do anything! Except fan girl over one direction and provoke munchkin over here to shoot me! So i should be free! Not arrested with these two creeps that are in a middle of a mental death match!" I whined to the police officer. But a chocolate covered doughnut with a custard filling made me shut up and look at it... 

In slow motion I see the chocolate doughnut made it's way to the mouth of a monster who can probably stuff the whole thing in his mouth and not savor it's sweetness of pure goodness.

"NOOo!" In slow motion I tried to save the chocolate doughnut but was that was a fruitless quest. Seeing that there are bars that prevented me from saving the damsel in distress that was currently going into a monster mouth. My face crashed into the bars. 



And just like that my precious baby was gone... gone I tell you!! NOOO!!

"My baby! WAHH My Baby was eaten by a monster! WAA MOMMY SO SORRY SHE COULDN'T SAVE YOU WAHHHH!" I cried and lean onto James shoulders. As the police officer glared at me for being so offensive...

James awkwardly patted my head with his cuffs hands and let me tell you it was awkward... Especially if he 'accidentally' touched your boob while trying to comfort you...My waterworks stop immediately as soon as his hand touch my boob and let me advise you, that if you touch a woman boob you will end up with black eye that was not there before... 

Even a woman in hand cuffs and was beat up by fence of metal bars can be that dangerous and mysterious. Munchkin over by my left side here started laughing and well...He stop laughing after I double hand slap him to shut up... and boy that work!

I should do that to more people who don't shut up!

When we finally got to the police station with a couple of bruises on the two boys face and a fence mark on my face, I was taken to a room full of other people or should I say girls? Wearing shirts and skirts that said 'I <3 1D! ZAYN IS SO HOT! HARRY ROCK THE CURLS! I <3 Niall! LIAM I WANT YOU BABY! LOUIS I NEED YOU BABY!' 

"Uhh... should I ask what the HELL is this?" I ask the police woman who was escorting me to the cell.

"Honey these girls are the extremely obsessive fans of one direction who was stopping by town to rest during their tour, and well somehow these girls got the information and started to stalk and attack them. In other words: sexual assault.  Now the 5 boys are in the 'isolation' room for their own safety." The woman replied back as she was taking my cuffs off me and tried to push me into the cell. Keyword tried!

I wouldn't budge and my eyes enlarge until it was as big as two baseballs. Then the woman startled me by screaming out "E.T!!" and ran down the hall like the devil was chasing her.

Jezz I'm not that scary looking. How crude and rude.

I turned my head and see all the girls in the back corner praying to god to not let them get abducted by a Asian looking alien...a.K.a me... 

"You guys don't have to be that rude..." I mutter as I close the cell and lock it with the keys that the woman drop while running away from me and putted it into my pockets.

I ran down the halls but stop as I heard 5 voices inside a room that seem like the isolation room... I peek inside the circle window and saw the most angelic thing I ever saw... One direction in the middle of changing!! NAKED ONE DIRECTION! MY BUCKET LIST HAS BEEN COMPLETED!!

"KYAAA!!" I screamed and fell down with my nose bleeding... Well this was unexpected... BUT it was totally satisfying... Mmmm mmm mm Muscle and bare skin was just as welcome as chocolate doughnut on to my lips!


Hello! again! I hope you like this chapter don't worry One direction is just a phase in the book so they won't be there long! I Just wanted add a little of my one direction love to my book so i hope you guys like it :D!

 Anyways please!!




FAN!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Love you,








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