Geek kick asses!

Kira is a hacker and The company owner of "Lovin" a store for clothes and it's the biggest clothing company in the fashion world. You would have think that she's the girl who has it all.. If you thought that you thought wrong.. She's a "normal" high school geek girl... Nobody really knows that she was rich not even her parents... One day Miss popular tried to bully her and ended up kissing Kira's feet.

OH and did I mention that she's a master in 7 kind of martial arts and is a master at throwing knives, shoting guns, and is a sword master.... and knows 20 languages.... and that the player of the school might have a dirty secret?


1. First day of School.... Again...


Hey guys I'm a obviously a newbie at writing but please read !! I promise it will get better in the second chapter soo please read !!! I also know that it's a little boring right now but it will get better i promise!!



Beep beep!

Went off my stupid anouying clock that was sitting on my dresser far away from my reach. Damn you mom for setting it so far. I groggily sit up on my bed and rub my tired eyes that has bags under it... I had to stay up until 3 to finish the stupid company surveys and read letters from other company... Argg!

Damn why did i even start a company... I slomenly got up from my bed and work my way to my alarm clock to shut it off. I press the snooze button and went to the bathroom that was across from my room.

I turn on the shower to cold and took off my clothes and got in the cold shower that woke me up.. After i was done i wore the usual clothes that I usually wear to school. Baggy pant's and shirt's then i part my long hair and fishtail both of them seprately. Then i let my side bangs fall to the left of my face. I took my huge glasses (that i personally don't need) and put them on.

I smiled to myself.. Geek look perfection :D. I went to my room and got my backpack and went down to the kitchen. I cook panacakes and bacon for me and my family. Which consist of both of my parents and one baby sister that was only 2 months old...

I stack three pancakes on three plates and add butter and syrup. Then i slice some strawberries and put them on top of the pancakes. I put the crisp bacon to the side of each plate.

Then i went to the food processor and pirae the blueberries and rasberries together to make one smoothie for my mom. Then I moved to the coffe maker and started to make coffee for my dad.

I then turn to the cabinet and reach for the baby milk formula for my little sister and started to make her milk.

10 MINS later

I sat down on the table and started to eat my pancake which was finish in less then 5mins. That's when I heard somebody stumble. Me knowing that it was my parents that were racing to get down the stairs. I just went on finishing my freash orange juice that i made. Then i got up and did my dishes and went to my sister room to get her.

I fed her and burp her and pat her until she went back to sleep again. I went back to the kitchen to get my backpack.

"Hey sweety, Hows you morning going?" My mom ask cheerily

"BAD! Why did you put the alarm clock so far away mom!" I whisper/yelled at her. I was soo not enthusicastic about her little trick with my alram clock.

"Well i knew you would have gone back to sleep so i decided to put your alarm clock farther from you. It seems like my plan worked perfectly! Don't you think George!" My mom ask my dad.

My dad grunted and started to attack the pancakes. My mom rolls her eyes. I just shrug it off. I got my backpack and went out the door to the bus stop...

Let me tell you, you do not want to ever want to ever ride the bus! It's sticky, disguting, and is filled with booger eating kids...

You ask why i ride the bus? Well because i ain't going to ride my Baby to that hellish school. Yep you got that right my baby is my car. (AKA the second most important thing in my life :D ) I will sacrafice my self and ride this hell ride than rather scratch my baby... When we finally got to school I tried to immdeatly go to the bathroom.. I TRIED to go was the keyword... but nooo there was some snobby bitches that was already waiting for me.

Oh no not this year! I will kick there asses if they tr-.

ME: Trip by the fake barbies.

Barbies: Haha bitch....

Oh hell no they just got what we call war....

I got back up and went up the bitch that trip me. I punch her in the nose and did a roundhouse to all the other bitches that was with that was advancing torwards me. I kick and punch. Then i did one of the cool Kung Fu move (that I thought myself) to make them forget that it was me who kick their asses..

Thankfully there was only some kids out side the school at this time. So i was okay.. Nobody will no who i was anyways. All they will do is spread the word that i kick the popular chick's asses.

Muwhaaa! they are going to wake up confuse as ever when they hear that they got some ass kicking from a geek girl!! Muwhaaa!! Yeah i know I'm evil!! LoL but that's what they get for trying shit on me.

I grin evily... Little did i know that a player/badboy has taken a keen intreast in me....

Hey guys! I'm obviously a newbie at writing stories but please read !! AND So please!! V


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