Geek kick asses!

Kira is a hacker and The company owner of "Lovin" a store for clothes and it's the biggest clothing company in the fashion world. You would have think that she's the girl who has it all.. If you thought that you thought wrong.. She's a "normal" high school geek girl... Nobody really knows that she was rich not even her parents... One day Miss popular tried to bully her and ended up kissing Kira's feet.

OH and did I mention that she's a master in 7 kind of martial arts and is a master at throwing knives, shoting guns, and is a sword master.... and knows 20 languages.... and that the player of the school might have a dirty secret?


3. Fighting.. just a liitle bit.. :D

After the incident happen I went to all my classes and tried to avoid contact with the player at all cost... and I mean at all cost....

But you have to remember I'm only human and God is not favoriting me today so yay me! I just have to run into my best pal.. James... (Note of sarcastic remark)

So here I am getting corner with a player whose a FBI..  Apparently..

*Sigh* Is this how fate want to play it... Then let the game start because I'm not losing to god or fate!

*after air pumping my knuckles*

"Little geek that was not a good idea to kick me.. In my most precious place..." James said and licks his lips. His eyes flickering to my lips and then to my eyes. Not that he can see it since my eyes were concealed by my huge glasses. Typical a player who wants to get laid with a virgin girl...

 "So what! Its self defense and i wasn't  going to lose my innocent just because i was rape by a guy who is apparently a FBI...." I wanted to shoot that back at him for his snide comment.

James green eyes widen to the size of golf balls...

Oh shit did i just say that out loud...?

Right now i'm sweating bullets.... He came closer to my face and whisper..

"How did you find out little geek." His words came out hard and cold but his eyes held determination and a little bit of fear...

Fear what did he had to fear me....?

*two mins after thought*

I then thought over the possiblity of me going to jail if the FBI  found out that i was hacking their "Elite" sercurity files...

 maybe just maybe If I HelpJames finish what ever his mission was and i won't go into jail... and be forgiven..

I smiled at my brillant idea...

James bent down so he was eye level with me.. and said..

"What are smiling at little geek do you what kind of punishment you are going to get if my secret was found out.? His demanor completely change into flirty player to deadly FBI agent...

"Is that a threat James.." I said in my british accent calmly but the truth was that i was freaking out... One freaking out I'm going to miss my bus if i don't hurry and two my mom is going to kill me if i'm late...

"Yes... yes in a way it is. So i suggest you Kira to tell me how you found out about my "Private" matters and is that a british accent?what are you ?." He said with his fingers quoting Private and completely getting suspicious of my new accent.

I shrug.

"James i suggest you to stop threating me and be more cafeful. "Normal" people like me are going to find out your real idenity if your not. Plus you are all words. I can beat you in two mins flat and my english accent is one i learn to entertain myself so if you are down with your questions can i go so i can make it to the bus." I whisper/yelled.. but used a voice like i was chastsing a little boy..

I glanced at the clock hangning over the door way.

3:20 PM... Shit i just miss the fucking bus because of this douche bag.... My face was red with anger... James must have sense this because he slowly back away grabbing something from his pants...

Then he pulled out something that looks like a gun...

Seriously he's going to FREAKEN SHOOT ME!!


A shoot that scrape my face thankfully to my quick reflex... i was able to dodge the bullet.


I was even more pissed off now.. Not only did he shoot a "defenseless" girl but tried to rape me! He is sooo going down.


I see baby agent wants to play game.. lets play game... I slowlydvance towards him.. Taking my good time and taking one step at a time.. Looking quite meancing.. I must say..


Than i saw that he was going to load another bullet and this time he pointed to my heart.. So i duck down and sweep the floor when i was a couple feet away from him..

He trip and Itook this opprtuninty and jump on him. Straddling him so he has nothing to attack me with.. I grip his hands so hard that is was actually comparable to a iron grip..

I was breathing hard..

"So James whats with the gun?" I hiss through my teeth..

"I'm not telling you bastard.!" He harshly whisper to my ear..

I shrunk back..


 hought that I was a enemy.. What the hell...

"Oh I see.. You are probly thinking that i'm a spy from some country and is trying to kill FBI agents?"My eyes questioning him while i ask him this..

His eyes looks like it was about to pop out his sockets.. I chuckle to myself...

I look back at his eyes... and then he nodds like he had no choice but to obey me.. I went close to his face  until i was only a inch away from his lips and whisper.

"I'm not a spy I'm just a ordinary highschool kid.. Wanting to graduate early.. So you don't have to worried about me telling your secret... and to seal this promise.."

I lean down and peck his lips..

"I give you my first kiss." I whisper to his lips.. he nods and looks completely dazed. I laugh softly..

"So are you going to calm down and explain so i can tell you how i know you are a FBI agent.." He nods and i let go of his hands... i got off of him and waited...


I know there is alot of gammer mistake so please bear with me XD!! This chapter 3 how do you like it?

Do you hate it LOVE it? I want at least 20 more reads until i update ;D sorry if its a high expectation ;-0










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