Gotta Be You

Katy LOVED rock climbing. It was her love, her soul mate. Her dad doesn't let her rock climb, because of a tragic accident that happened when she as 11. She ignores him and gets her ankle broken, how will she rock cimb? And who are those five guys her dad brings with him?


4. The Picture And Going To The Studio

Katy's P.O.V.


I got out of my flashback, not really wanting to remember it. I sighed, realizing that everyone was gone. I hate when Sadie does that.. I got up, grabbed my crutches, (when really I wanted to snap them in half) and walked up to my room. It was kinda hard, because of all the stairs, but other wise, it s-u-c-k-e-d. Sucked. I locked the door behind me and flopped onto my bed. I lifted my pillows, and pulled off the sheets. Then I found what I was looking for. It was a picture, a picture of the mountain that was responsible for killing my mother. The mountain didn't have a name (woah right?) It was a popular accraction in England I guess. It was shut down ever since the accident, but I've been planning an amazing plan that will definitly work. I hope. The plan had 5 simple steps;

1. Since I now have a stupid cast, get healed and throw crutches in dump.

2. Steal back my climbing gear back from my jerk dad.

3. Steal Sadie, (lol no) from her house, and have her spend the night.

4. Wake up at midnight, take gear, and sneak out to the mountain that killed my mother. (A.k.a. Death Mountain)

5. Climb to the top in victory, and rub it in my dads face that I can and will climb.

6. (Extra step) Become a famous rock-climber.


I smiled at the thought of finishing my un-done biz. I turned my attention back to the picture, it was like fire burning me. I felt like the picture was glaring at me, with an evil grin. I glared back at it, feeling the cold hard bumps of it, just by feeling the picture. I swear, at that moment, I felt like the picture really was going to catch on fire and burn down the whole house, laughing. It kind of reminded me of Nightmare On Elm Street. I know Freddy kills you in your dreams or nightmares, (whatever) but it still reminded me of him. I felt like the picture was Freddy and that he was just going to pop out and claw my eyes with those razer blade things attached to his hand. Talk about freaky. I then felt tears rolling down my face. They splattered on the picture, making it harder to see. I wiped them away, only to have more tears fall. I sighed and placed the picture back under the sheets, and put the pillows on top. I layed on my bed, kinda too quickly because my ankle then started hurting like crap. I rolled my eyes, stupid freaking broken- arrrrhhhhggggg! The picture made me miss my mother even more. I stared at the ceiling, thinking about mom. "I promise mom, I'll climb that mountain" I whispered under my breath. I cryed even more, wimpering. I don't like to really cry, its not my thing, but my mother makes me cry. I then heard; Knock! Knock! I shot up, someone was at the door. I wiped my face and shot up. I forgot about my crutches and fell to the floor holding my ankle in pain. Yeah, I'm not really the best person to give advice about taking care of yourself. I grabbed my crutches and shot up again, being more carefull about my ankle. I wobbled over to the door, unlocked it, and slammed it open. It was Liam. "Oh hey Liam, whats up?" I asked, hoping my eyes weren't red from crying. "Well Sadie wanted to invite you out. We all are going to your dad's studio. We invited Sadie to come, well actualy Harry did, I think he fancies her. Anyway, would you like to come?" He smiled. "Hmmmm, well Mr.Plaid, will I have to deal with my dad 24/7?" I asked. He laughed. "Mr.Plaid?" "Yaaa, it's a good nickname, I like it anyway" I smiled. "Nice. By the way, no. Your dad will not have to be in your face 24/7" I nodded exited. "Coolo, lets go" He stepped out of the way to help me go first, and grabbed my hand to help me go down the stairs.

"Heyy Katy! Get your bottom moving! Lets go!" Sadie yelled to me. I grumbled to myself, and hobbled outside to the car. "OK! Don't get your braids in a twist" Sadie gave me a confused look. "That doesn't even make sense!" I shrugged. Sadie opened the car door for me, and with the help of Liam and Louis, I got seated into the car. I was exited. I've never been to a recording studio before, it sounds cool. Even though they've never told me about it, most studios are usually fun and free spirited. My dad then opened the door and popped in, slamming it shut. He glared at me. I put my hands up in surrender. I didn't know what I did this time but he is a popular celebrity so I may as well stay on his good side for now. I've kinda been slacking off on that lately, and realizing that without him I would be a nobody. I slunched in my seat. I may be exited but it doesn't mean that I'm exactly happy about this whole, being-nice-to-dad thing. Being nice to dad was like being nice to a ZOMBIE THAT WANTED TO SUCK OUT YOUR BRAINS!!!! I'm DEAD serious. (lolz) No really I'm serious, my dad is super strict. If you think he is just mean on his show, then POWWW! Your wrong. I feel like his bean bag that he trhrows around and sits on. Grrrr. I rolled my eyes at that thought. Then out of the blue, Sadie punched me on the arm. "OWW! What was that about?!" I asked rubbing my arm. "Punch buggy!" She replied smiling, while on the inside I wanted to strangle her punching hand. My arm now hurt like crap just like my ankle, thanks Sadie! Love ya! My dads phone then rang. He took it out of his pocket and flipped it open. "Hello?" "What?" "No!" Were some of the things I heard.

I have a feeling that this is a baaaad sign. :-(

(Heyyy guys! I love when people give me feedback! Plz comment, and I have a competion! I don't know who should like Katy, sooo I'm letting you guys choose! Just go to my blog and comment! Luv you carrots!)

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