Gotta Be You

Katy LOVED rock climbing. It was her love, her soul mate. Her dad doesn't let her rock climb, because of a tragic accident that happened when she as 11. She ignores him and gets her ankle broken, how will she rock cimb? And who are those five guys her dad brings with him?


1. Hurt Ankle

Katy's P.O.V.


" Hurry up Sadie we're gonna be late! " I yelled to my friend Sadie. I put my long curly hair in a pony-tail and put my contacts in my green eyes. " I'm almost ready! Get your gear and your dad is still asleep right? " She yelled back. We were going rock climbing. I know that you don't need to hide rock climbing from your dad but I had an accident with my mom 7 years ago when I was rock climbing. So my dad ( Simon Cowell ) said I could never go rock climbing again. Well the thing is, I love to rock climb. I've loved it ever since I was 11. Until my dad said I could never rock climb again because of an accident with my mom and rock climbing. When my dad took it away from me it felt like my heart was missing two things, my mom, and my love for rock climbing. I ran and put my rock climbing gear on. We were going to the tiny mountain outside of our city, I loved that mountain. I ran to my dads bedroom, he was sleeping like a baby. " He's asleep! Now hurry up! " I ran to get some snacks packed. Sadie came downstairs ready to go. We rushed out the door and began running down the street. If my dad found out, I would be dead. We ran past the park, past the cafe, and past our school. Finally after 10 minutes of running we arrived at the little mountain. It was only 11 or 12 feet tall. Sadie began putting her short curly brown hair in a bun. She also has hazel eyes. " Come on Saidie, we only have a few hours before my dad wakes up and finds out " I said. The tiny mountain was small but it was so rocky it took at least 1 hour to climb, and I was determined to get to the top. Pretty much all rock climbers are. I found a tiny ledge for my foot, and then a tiny ledge for my hand. I then started to climb. Sadie was right behind me. She wasn't the rock climbing type, so she tried, then failed, then she just started to watch me. " Crap! Katy you don't have the rope tied to you! What if you fall? " Sadie yelled up to me. " It doesn't matter, I'll be fine! " I shouted back. I was not going back down for some stupid rope.


Simon's P.O.V.


I woke up. I went to go wake my daughter Katy up when I noticed she was gone. I ran all around the apartment. Where the heck was she?! " Katy where are you?! " I yelled. No answer. Where could she be? I looked at the clock, I had to meet up with my new clients in 7 minutes and my daughter was missing. Lucky me. I had no idea where Katy was so I just got dressed quickly to meet with my five clients. I was planning to take them with me to find her. I was going to ground her for life if I think I know where she is. Rock climbing. Her mother and all of us went rock climbing for a family trip. We were climbing until her mothers grip got loose, she started to struggle. Katy reached for her hand to help, but it was too late. Her mother was already falling towards the ground. Katy screamed, watching her mother get smaller and smaller. By the time we got down the mountain, her mothers dead body was squished on the ground with people and mountain cops all around. I remember Katy crying in my chest as they took her mother away. I remember crying for days, and Katy not eating anything. I shook the terrible thought out of my head and started towards my meeting. When I got there the five boys looked freakin mad. " Where were you uncle Simey? " Louis asked me. " No time boys, we have to go find my daughter really quick " I walked out and to my limo with all the boys behind me. " 345 Rocky Street " I told the limo driver. He nodded and then began to drive. " So whats up? " Zayn asked me. " Well, my daughter is grounded for life if I think I know where she is " I replied. " Wow really? Where is she uncle Simey? " Harry and Louis asked at the same time. " Nowhere boys, don't worry about it " I didn't want them to know about my wife.


Katy's P.O.V.


There I was, only 8 minutes from the top. I was determined to get to the top. I saw a black limo pull up. Crap, my dad. " Katy your dad is here! " Sadie screamed. " I know! Just a sec! " I screamed back. I needed to get to the top, only a few more minutes. Please. " KATY COWELL GET DOWN! " I heard my dad yell. I looked back, he was with five guys and he was already right below me. Sadie was just in shock, my dad kept glaring at her. " One sec dad! I'm almost there! " I shouted back. " NO KATY! Get down or else your grounded for life! " I rolled my eyes. " I can deal with that if I get to the top! " I yelled. All he did was keep on yelling at me to get down. His yelling was confusing me, and my palm started to get slippery. I was slipping. No! I can't slip, I'm almost there. " Dad! Your confusing me! Stop freakin yelling! " I screamed. My hands were starting to loose there grip, just like my mom did. He kept yelling at me, and my palms kept on getting sweaty and loose. " Simon your confusing her! She's gonna fall! " Sadie yelled at my dad. With that he didn't look mad, he looked frightened. I lost my grip, I was starting to let go. Next thing you know I was on the ground, on my back. " Katy!! " Sadie yelled. Everyone was around me. I had fallen. I sat up, my ankle was killing me. " Ouch! I think my freakin ankle is broken! " I said holding my ankle. It hurt so bad it stung. " Katy! I told you to come down! Now let me see! " My dad said. He grabbed it softly. " It's broken " He said. He was glaring at me and Sadie. Great, I'm dead. Two guys helped me get to the car. One had curly hair and the other one had blonde hair. I sat down, everyone looking at me. It felt kinda awkward. " Katy cowell, I said you couldn't rock climb ever again! " My dad yelled. I rolled my eyes. " Don't worry Katy, we're on our way to the hospital " Sadie sad. How am I going to climb with a hurt ankle?!

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