Gotta Be You

Katy LOVED rock climbing. It was her love, her soul mate. Her dad doesn't let her rock climb, because of a tragic accident that happened when she as 11. She ignores him and gets her ankle broken, how will she rock cimb? And who are those five guys her dad brings with him?


2. Hospital And Singing Crazly

Katy's P.O.V.


I'm so freakin dead. My ankle is broken, and now my dad is going to kill me. I was in my hospital room, waiting for the nurse to come put on my cast. How am I suppose to rock climb with a broken ankle?! Just then everyone came in. " Heh,,, heyyyy dad " I said making the hey long. He looked upset. Sadie was worried, and the boys I could tell were being shy. " Katy, I have told you this at least a million times but, you are banned from going rock climbing! " I rolled my eyes. " Dad! It is nothing! " " Your freakin ankle is broken! " He shouted at me. " Dad! Come on! I'm fine, just let it heal! Trust me it's nothing! " I shouted back. Basicly we were just shouting at each other the whole time. He was yelling that I can't rock climb, and I was yelling how I wanted to rock climb. Just a every day piece of pie right? " Guys will you stop yelling?! " Sadie yelled. We both stopped and looked at her. My dad then walked out of the room. " Ya! Just freakin walk away like you did to mom all the freakin time! " I screamed. He always was walking out on mom and I. I started tearing up. I whiped them away. " Come on Katy- " I cut Sadie off. " No Sadie! He's a freakin jerk like always! " I shouted. I just then noticed that the boys were still in the room, just staring at us. Sadie followed where I was looking and ended up looking back at them to. " What? Are you gonna tell him all that I just said? " I asked. " No " The one with curly hair said. I dropped my angry experession. Then what were they doing? " Then,,, what are you doing? " I asked. " Standing " The one in stripes said. They all nudged him. " We're accualy concerned, it's not every day Simon says he has a daughter ya know? " The one with blonde hair said. " So he never mentioned me?! " I practicly yelled. They shook their heads. " Freakin jerk " I mumbled. " Ugh, when can I get out of here? " I asked Sadie. She shrugged. I sighed. Just then the nurse came in. " Hello, your Katy Cowell right? " She asked. I nodded. She then told everyone to please get out of the room so she can put my cast on. When she was putting it on it hurt like h-e-double hockysticks. I just shut my eyes tight waiting for her to be done. " Ok, there you go dear " I opened my eyes to see my ankle all wrapped up and in a small cast. " Thanks, can I please go home now? " I asked. " Sure, I'll be back with your crutches " With that she walked out of the room. To be honest, it was kinda lonley. No one came in, so I just sat all lonley until the nurse came back in. She handed me my crutches and helped me out of the bed. I then walked to everyone, with my crutches of corse. " Hey guys " I said. " Hey Katy, nurse how long does she have to be on crutches? " Sadie asked. " 2 weeks to 3 weeks " My face dropped. 2 to 3 freakin weeks???!!!! The nurse then walked away. " 2 to 3 freakin weeks?! I can't go that long without rock climbing! Come on Sadie help me walk! " I shoved my crutches into the blonde one's hands and grabbed onto Sadie's shoulder. " Ok, now help me walk to the car, you go left, and I'll go right " I was about to start until Sadie said. " Katy! You can't walk! I'm sure you can be without rock climbing for a few weeks " She took my crutches away from the blonde and shoved them over to me. I rolled my eyes and took them. I'm not going to live these next few weeks. I got in my dads limo, with help of Sadie of corse. Sadie and a guy in plaid sat by me. My dad sat across from me, we were both glaring at eachother. Sadie nudged me. I got out of my glare. " Sooo Katy, tell us about yourself " The guy beside me asked. " Well, my full name is Katy Angella Cowell, I'm 18, I love to rock climb, but someone won't let me " I glared at my dad. All he did was glare back. Sadie snapped me out of it. " That's pretty much it, now before we move on, what are your names? I may as well know " I asked. " I'm Liam, thats Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn " I smiled. At least I don't have to think curly or blonde anymore. " Hey limo driver, turn on the radio! " I yelled. He did and Starships came on. Sadie and I smiled at each other, and then began to sing aloud. " Starships were meant to flyyyyy, hands up and touch the skyyyyy,let's do this one more time wwwoooooaaaaahhh! " Sadie and I sang. The boys smiled, exept for my dad, he just rolled his eyes. Does he have to act like he is judging singing all the freakin time?! I just ignored him. Other then rock climbing, I kinda liked to sing, not good but crazly and free spirited. So I was just planning on ignoring my dad the whole time. Wonder what it's gonna be like when we get home, ( Plz comment below! )

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