Gotta Be You

Katy LOVED rock climbing. It was her love, her soul mate. Her dad doesn't let her rock climb, because of a tragic accident that happened when she as 11. She ignores him and gets her ankle broken, how will she rock cimb? And who are those five guys her dad brings with him?


3. Flashback

Bella's P.O.V.


We arrived at the house. Sadie helped me out of the car. My freakin dad just kept on glaring at me the whole time. I told you he was a jerk. He always left me and mom, we were lucky that he even came rock climbing with us. I wobbled up to the door. I was knew at this whole 'crutches' thing. Liam opened the door for me. I smiled. "Thanks" and walked in with Sadie behind me. I saw dad coming in with my rock climbing equipment, but instead of going upstairs to put it in my room, he started walking to HIS room! "Hey! Where are you going with that?! My room is upstairs!" "Your grounded, no rock climbing for..... about ever" I was about to argue, but that would just cause him to ground me more so oh well... I sat down on the couch and crossed my arms. He's lucky my ankle is broken. I thought. I put my cruthes beside me. "This is freakin insane,, I can't rock climb, I can't even have my equipment, my freakin ankle is broken! What next I loose my dignity?!" I said. I heard Sadie chuckle but I guess she wanted to be serious so she tried her best to hold it in. I sighed. I can't wait to get out of this dying hole. I wish I could run away but a 17 year old by herself? Yaaa.. not the best thing. I was almost 18 though, dad would probrobly kick me out by then. He has plenty of money to kick me out. I thought about going away from this endless pit. I would be free, I could rock climb whenever I wanted. I wanted to be a professianal rock climber! I know others want to be professianal dancers, acters, film-makers, ect. But I couldn't get rock-climbing out of my head! Have you ever wanted something so bad that you were, almost desperate? Thats what I felt like. Grrrrr, why did my mom have to die? Why did she have to loose her grip and fall? I rememered that day,,,, like it just happened a few hours ago.


"Ok! I have a surprise for you two today! I think your gonna like it!" Mom said while making us lunch. "Ha, dad is coming? What did you bribe him or something? Even though he has plenty of money and won't let us have any of it" I said while looking at dad. He gave me a stern face. "Come on guys I've wanted to do something like this for about ever, you have to say yes!" My mom turned around. "You agree Simon?" She gave him a face saying 'just say yes and I'll pay you for it later' even though she probrobly wasn't going to pay him. He sighed. "Fine, but remember I have people coming in at work, I don't have much time" I rolled my eyes. He only talked about work and future singers. I didn't like dad, people think of him as so great and famous, I think he is just some stuck-up person who got lucky by quitting school at a young age. ( I am a fan of Simon! This is just for the movella to let you know, I mean there wouldn't be a One Direction without him! Gooo Simon! And One Direction! ) "Great, this is gonna be sooo fun with dad coming" I said while crossing my arms. He glared at me through the newspaper he was reading. I didn't see I could just tell. "Now come on you two! Stop bickering and get your butts into the car!" Mom said while placing her hands on her hips. "I wasn't even bickering!" Dad said. I rolled my eyes, such a kid. " Get into the car Simon! You too Katy!" We could tell she wasn't joking so we quickly moved our butts to the car. She was smiling as she got into the drivers seat. Well played mom,,,, but I can sense that he's just going to hop out of the window. I thought. The whole way there it was silent. Only thing that was making noise was mom. She kept on saying how we're gonna have such a fun time and giving us hints that didn't help what so ever. I heard dad sigh under his breath. Ha! You don't want to be here with us do you?! Well you can shut your sighing because I don't want to be here neither! So shut up and pretend you like us, even if we DON'T like you! I thought. Ya... I was a sassy 10 year old. "Here we are!" Mom said all cheery and peppy. We got out of the car. I looked out infront of me to see a huge mountain. It went up at least 120 feet. "We're going rock-climbing!" Mom said while smiling a huge smile. I was actually exited, I've never been rock-climbing before and I guess this could be fun. We got in line to get our mountain gear. The guy gave the people infront of us their gear and then told us to come up. "Sorry guys but we're all out of gear! Your going to have to go with just a helmet" He put three helmets out infront of us. "Isn't that dangerous?" I asked. "Don't worry, no one has ever fallen off that mountain. It's perfectly safe." I shrugged and took my helmet. I hooked it on my head and started off towards the mountain. We all took our grip and started climbing.To be honest it was amazing. I never knew rock-climbing was so fun. From then on I promised that I would be a professianal rock-climber some day. "Wow this mountain is slippery!"Mom said. She looked like she was struggling. I looked down to her, we were at least 89 feet in the air. She started loosing her grip. "Help!" She cried while looking for something to grab onto. "Mom take my hand!!!" I yelled. I put my hand out but it was already to late. My mom was falling. "MOM NOOOOOOO!" I screamed. It echoed through the mountain. Dad and I scrambled down the mountain. We got to the bottom and raced over to where she fell. When we got to her body it was squished, with blood all around it. She had fallen face first to the ground. I already knew she was dead. She had scrapes from the mountain, and her arms were so flat they looked as if they were apart of the ground. I was in shock. People and mountain cops were surrounding her. I wanted to strangle the guy who said it would be safe. I turned around and squeezed myself into dad's chest. I just cried and cried. He started leading me to the car with my head still in his chest. "You stay here okay, I'm going to go help out" With that he left me in the car. I locked the doors and just curled myself up into a ball. I cried and cried, wiping snot on my shirt. "Don't worry mom... I'll finish climbing that moutain for you.. Only you" I said. I was going to someday, just I didn't know when.


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