House of God

What is it like in the house of God? Well I have an idea :)


1. House of God

Grand, is the house of God.

Standing high above, glimmering.

Grand, is the house of God.

How majestically it stands-

All of this laying in His hands.


Complete with a sky:

Full of infinite wonders.

Complete with a garden:

Laid ever so perfectly-

All of this made by He.


The Star of David:

Found in His constellation.

The Tree of Life:

Found in His garden-

All of this glorifying Him, Amen.


Bricks of royal gold:

Laying noble on His walkway.

Archways of silver and gold,

What a sight to behold!-

All of this, by Him it stands bold.


Greater is the door:

Purple and red it is.

Wide open it stands,

For all, even the grim-

All of this, for those who find Him.


Inside, the greatest of all:

Grand hallways,

And a perfect peace falls,

I have found my way back-

All of this, He lets me unpack.


I am home.

"Welcome my son."

He simply says,

And I begin to cry.-

All of this, it makes me wonder,


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