Harry styles meets hairy styles

Jenna has always loved hair and is now old enough to open her own hair shop. She names it Hairy Styles! She loves the boy from one direction harry styles and she loves hair so whats could be better than that!? She will soon find out when an unexpected someone walks into her shop...


1. The shop

"Jenna! Jenna! Where do you want this mirror to go?" "one sec Stacy!" i have just turned 19 and my name is jenna lee Mico. I have had a love of hair ever since I was 8 years old. So finnaly on this day I have decided to open up my new hair styling shope called "Hairy Styles" yes funny haha i know. Did I mention I have loved Harry Styles hair and his accent since One Direction first started? Well I do. "Jenna! I can't hold this thing up forever!" "sorry sis. Put it up over but the black and white chairs. There now we are all done! I can finnaly open up the shop!" "you are so amazing Jenna! I knew you could do it!" Hairy Styles is now open for buisness!
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