Harry styles meets hairy styles

Jenna has always loved hair and is now old enough to open her own hair shop. She names it Hairy Styles! She loves the boy from one direction harry styles and she loves hair so whats could be better than that!? She will soon find out when an unexpected someone walks into her shop...


2. Grand Opening

Jenna's POV

Today is the day of the grand opening of Hairy Styles hair salon. I absolutely can't wait to get to the shop so i can open it but forst I have to finish getting ready. I slip on my blue and white striped vneck shirt with my blue jeans on and add some final tuch ups to my makeup. Finnaly i finish my hair so it is in a waterfall braid as well as it being curled. Simple but cute. I look over at the clock and see that its already 8:15. I need to get to the shop by 8:45 so i can open it by 9. As i head out the door i toss some food into by pugs dish and run to my cute little red smart car.

I arrive at the shop at exactly 8:45 and start to straighten things up. I quickly finish placeing all of the hair dryers in the correct spot and I'm ready to go. I rush outside and see Stacy my sister three other people waiting.
"i now am here to cut the ribbon for the Grand Opening of Hairy Styles"
I snip the ribbon and everyone cheers as they rush inside. My sister gets started on washing the lady with the ponk ribbion in her hair and i start to color the blonde girls root the older gentleman sits down and drinks coffee as he waits for his appointment to start.

At around 4 in the afternoon we are finally able to take a break. We don't have another appointment set for another hour so my sister decides to go for a walk. I keep an eye on the shop as she leaves
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