Love at first sight (Niall Horan love story)

Roxanne and Kasey have just graduated from High School. Roxy's cousin Liam gives them a call and invites them to London. Little do they know that their summer will change their lives forever....


1. Summer Time





Roxanne's P.O.V- Yesterday was the day that Kasey and I graduated from high school. Kasey and I are best friends, basically we're sisters. We even bought a house after we graduated and now we live together. Kasey has bright blue eyes and blonde hair. I have brown curly hair with hazel eyes that change colors from time to time.Kasey and I have a lot in common. We always had the same classes in school. We love the same music. We both like to sing, dance, and draw.

A week after graduation, Kasey was in the living room and I was in my art studio, when all of the sudden my cell phone went off. I stoped my work and to see who was calling. “Hello?” I answered. “Hey Roxy! How are you? I havn't talked to you in forever!” I know that british accent from anywhere. It was my cosin Liam. Yup THE LIAM PAYNE from One Direction. I havn't talked to him in forever. “ LIAM!!!” I yelled into the phone. “ROXANNE!!!” I head confused vocies in the back ground. “ Li Li I havn't talked to you in forever. What's it like being famous? When can I meet the rest of the boys? Have yo----” ”ROXANNE!!!” He yelled cutting me off. “ WHAT???  Did I do something wrong?” I asked acting confused. “ Don't play that trick with me.” He started to laugh as did I. “ So what did you want to talk about?” “Oh yeah. I wanted to congratulate you and Kasey for graduating high school and I also wanted to know if you guys are busy this summer?” “ Aww thanks Liam, I'll tell Kasey you said congrats later. Ummm.....No we're not busy this summer. Why?” I asked as I picked my paint brush back up and continued my work. “ Well I was wondering if you and Kasey wanted to fly out to London and vist. You guys can meet the boys. I'll pay for your tickets and you guys can stay at mine and the boys place.” “ Really? You would do that Liam?” “ Yeah. That's what family is for.” I scream excitedly and ran down the hall to the living room to see Kasey watching Love Actually. She turned to me.” WHY ARE YOU YELLING!” “ LIAM JUST CALLED ME AND ASKED IF ME AND YOU WANTED TO GO TO LONDON TO SEE HIM AND THE BOYS!!!” She jumped up and screamed.” OMG!!! NO FREAKING WAY! I CAN'T WAIT! WHEN DO WE GO?” She was screaming in my ear and it hurt, so me being me, I turned to her and screamed as loud as i could in her ear. “OWWW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” “ YOU WOULDN'T STOP YELLING!” “ WELL YOUR YELLNG TO, SO WHY CAN'T I?!” “BEACAUSE I SAID SO!” We stared at eachother for a second before busting out laughing. We laughed so hard we started to cry. Then I remembered Liam was still on the phone. “Sorry Liam. Anyway! Yeah will come. When do we go?” He just laughed and said, “ How about tomorrow?” “ Yeah that's perfect.” I said smilling while trying to stop Kasey from taking the phone. “Great. The tickets are under your name. I got you first class. So I'll see you tommorow.” “Yep. Bye Li Li. See ya later.” I hung up the phone and looked at Kasey. “What? Did I do something wrong?” “Why must you try to take my phone every time I talk to someone.” “I don't know.” “Okay then.” And with that I got up and went to my room to pack my bags for London tomorrow. After I packed, I went to sleep with a huge smill on my face and couldn't stop thinking about this summer.


~SOOOO tell me watcha think. By the way I don't own Kasey she is 1Dlvr4eva. She is my best friend, and if you read her story the Roxanne in hers is mine so yeah. -Sabrina (Batman) Horan <3


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