Love at first sight (Niall Horan love story)

Roxanne and Kasey have just graduated from High School. Roxy's cousin Liam gives them a call and invites them to London. Little do they know that their summer will change their lives forever....


6. I love you's and a story.

Hey guys! Im so sorry. I havent been able to update ive been so busy. Again sorry. Also HAPPY TANKS GIVING!!! Also sorry I went really fast in the last chapter and stuff I was going some where and I just had to finnish it. I promise I wont do it again and that ill make lots of chapters soon.


Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up to see Roxy still in my arms. I smiled really big and looked down at her perfect face. I carefully put her down on her pillow beside me and got up as quit as ever. I didn't want to wake her up just yet, she looked to cute to wake up. I walked down stairs to see the boys and Kasey all siting there watching t.v. "Hey guys! Why aren't you eating breakfast?" They all looked at me and finally Kasey said, "Were waiting for Roxy to wake up and cook something." I was confused. "Why can't you make something?" I said siting beside Liam on the couch. "Because she makes the best food in the world." Liam explained while Kasey nodded along. "Well I'm starving! I'm gonna wake her up." Louis said while he ran up stairs. I ran after him and everyone followed. Before he could open the door I tackled him to the ground. He tried to crawl to the door and open it while saying, "Must. Wake. Up...Roxy." "You will never wake her Lou." I said while grabbing his arms so he can't move any more. Every one else laughed at us and just watched. Suddenly the door opened. I looked up to see a sleepy Roxanne. I smiled and quickly stood up. She smiled back and hugged me and  gave a kiss on my neck. Lou stood up and squeezed in between us and gave us a hug. Once he let go, he screamed in Roxy's ear that he wanted food. Roxy and me looked at him like he was crazy. I hit the back of his head lightly and then Roxy slapped him on the face playfully. The look on his face was quiet funny. "Haz they hit me!" He said fake crying and went to Harry. "How dare you hit my BooBear!" Harry said while hugging Lou. We all just started to laugh and then we went down stair to the kitchen. We all sat at the table talking while Roxy cooked some pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I couldn't help but stare at her while she cooked. She looked happy cooking. I was so caught up in watching her that I didn't hear Zayn ask me something until he waved his hand in front of my face. "WHAT!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!" I yelled falling out my chair. Everyone laughed except Roxanne who looked at me worried. By now everyone was on the floor laughing. Roxy walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips, she went to pull away but I pulled her back to me. There was fireworks and my lips tingled. We both smiled into the kiss but was soon interrupted by the boys wolf whistling. We pulled apart and looked at them. They were smiling and cheering at us. I forgot that they didn't know we were dating. I felt my face heat up and I looked at Roxy who was blushing to. "Awwww look at the cute new couple blushing." Zayn teased. We blushed even more. We finally got off the floor and got some food that looked amazing. Me and Roxy had the most food on our plates. We really are meant for each other. We all sat down and started to eat. It smelt amazing and when I took the first bite, I was amazed by the flavor. It's the best food I have ever tasted before. "THIS IS AMAZING!!!" I declared. Every one agreed while Roxy blushed and looked down. I gently lifted her head and gave her a kiss that caused her to blush even more. I smiled at her. She was so perfect but yet she doesn't see it.

Louis's P.O.V.

I smiled brightly at the new couple. Niall and Roxy are perfect for each other. They are so adorable. Niall looks even more happier than ever. I looked over at Harry to see him giving glares at Niall. I think Haz is jelly of them. I thought he liked Kasey. Hmmm I need to investigate.

Harry's P.O.V.

Niall and Roxy are officially a couple now. I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda jealous of Niall. I mean Roxy is really beautiful, she's talented, funny, and so much more. She can cook to. They look so happy together. Hmmm I'll try to win her over some how.

Liam's P.O.V.

I smiled at Roxy and Niall. They both looked even more happier than I've ever seen. I think Harry is a little jealous though. Hopefully he doesn't do something stupid.

Zayn's P.O.V.

Niall and Roxy are such a great couple. I'm happy their together. I can see them married with little Niallers runing around the house. Its like they were made for each other.

Kasey's P.O.V.

I'm so happy for Roxy and Niall. They are so perfect for each other. I hope that me and Harry will be like that some day. Hopefully soon.

Roxy's P.O.V.

Every one said they are happy for us. Harry looked a little uneasied about it. All well. Every one loved the food I made and Niall said he loved me even more if that was possible. He ate about all of it and he feed me some to. He's just so adorible. I'm the luckyest girl in the world to have him. Even if I don't deserve him. When we all finished, I stayed behind while everyone else went back to the living room. I started washing the dishes, but some one put their arms around my waste and started to kiss my neck. "Ni Ni, what are you doing?"  "Nothing much. Just kissing the most beautiful girl that well ever excest." I smiled and blushed. I turned in his arms to face him and put my arms around his neck. I was about to protest about me being the most beautiful ever but he interupted me and said, "Don't say you aren't beautiful. Cause in my eyes your perfect. And don't you ever forget it." He gave me a kiss on the nose and put his forhead on mine. I smiled and said okay. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and turned back to the dishes. He grabed a dish towel and started to dry the plates that I have washed and then puting them away. 5 minutes later we had finished the dishes and I went to my room to take a shower and Niall went to his. Once I got out, I dryed my hair and put it in a messy bun and put on a pair of stone chino shorts, red polo shirt and a pair of white flip flops. I went down stairs to see Niall wearing a red polo and white pant and shoes. I sat inbetween his legs on the floor. "Awww! Look at the love birds. Matching clothes and everything." Lou teased. "Shut up Lou. We can just read each others minds." Niall said. Kasey jumped up and was like, "NO FEAKING WAY! Whats Niall thinking about now?" I looked up at Niall and he stared back. "Ummmm....He's thinking about taking me on a date tonight." He smiled and nodded. By now Kasey was so amused and was pretty much all over us asking a lot of stuff and before we would get to answer she asked something else. Like if Kevin will be at the weding or if the cake will be a carrot cake. After a while I put my hand over her face and she stoped talking and I let go but she started talking again. Every body laughed but me. I put my hand back on her face then let go and did that for a while until finally I just knocked her over. And she stoped talking and said, "Where did everyone go?" We all laughed so hard we started to cry. After a while of siting and watching t.v. I got bored and went upstairs to my room. I decided I would draw. I got my pencels and my sketch book and sat down on my bed. I started to draw Niall. Once I was almost down, Niall walked into the room. I didn't really noticed at first until he sat down beside me."Wow! Your a really good artist." He said watching  me draw. I stopped and smiled at him. "Thanks. My grandpa taught me." He smiled brightly. "Thats cool. Does he live in Georgia too." My smiled droped and I looked back at my drawing. Niall noticed this and got really woried. "Rox I'm so so sorry. I--" My eyes started tearing up. "No, No. It's fine Ni you didn't know." I tried to force a smile but he saw right through it. "It's not okay. I made you upset. I don't want to hurt you. I love you!" He said gently lefting my head up so his eyes could meet mine. I looked in his eyes. I knew he wasn't lying. He had tears going down his face like I had. I smiled and kissed him. "I  love you to Niall. With all my heart." He smiled and gave me a kiss back. "You know you can talk to me about anything. Right?" I noded and huged him. He buried his face in my neck and kiss my neck. "What was his name?" I smiled and said, "Edward, but I always called him grandpa eddie." "You seemed close to him." I nodded. "Yeah we were. I never got to see him though. He lived all the way in Boston. When he came to visit us, he would always tell me stories and draw with me. I would color pictures for him, and lord knows I was terrible at coloring." He chuckled and smiled. Soon we were laying down with the lights off and just talked. "I remember he  would always tell me that I was the best colorer ever. I never under stood why he said it, I always colored out side the lines in some places." I smiled at the memory. I looked at Niall to see him staring at me with intrest and smiling at me. "He always made me laugh and smile. He taught me every thing. I talked to him on the phone when ever I got the chance to. I was so young when it happened though. I remember him. Most people that were my age wouldn't but I did. I was about 7 or 8 when it happened. One day I came home from school, it was a normal day. My dad was looking in the telephone book, trying to find something. My mom was beside him so was my sister, so I went and sat on the floor. I wasn't really listening until he said I'm fying to Boston. I was so cunfused.  I asked why we were leaving and he said your not going any where, I'm going for a funeral. Then he said that my grandpa eddie died from a heart attack. I didn't cry, no one else was. I was to young to under stand. My dad finally said we could go to. It was really fun there. I got to meet my three uncles and my cosin. I went to my grandpa's apartment. It was small, it had a kitchen, pool table, bathroom and his room. His drawings up on the walls. It was small but I liked it. We got his drawings and stuff. The next day we went to his funeral but my parents made me and my two sisters sit in the hall on a bench. I thought it wouldn't be that bad until they started talking. You could hear it loud and clear. I started to bawl, so did my oldest sister. My other one tryed to keep us calm. That night was the first time I saw my dad cry. I miss him. I just wish he was still here." I had tears on my face and my voice was cracking some. I looked up at Niall to see him crying to. He hugged me tight and kissed me one the lips. It was passionet and full of lust, but the sparks and fire works were still there. When we pulled apart, we smiled and layed down to go to bed. "Would you like to go out on a date tomorrow night?" Niall asked in a sleepy voice. "I would love to Niall!" I smiled and gave him a good night kiss. "I love you Ni Ni." "I love you to Rox." I smiled and closed my eyes. Listening to his heartbeat, I slowly went to sleep with a smile on my face.


Well I hope you liked it. I post another soon. And the part about Roxy's grandpa is actully my grand father and all of that is true and it did happen, just thought you would like to know that its not made up. Any who tanks for reading. Please put some nice comments and like and favor it. Tanks again XP

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