Love at first sight (Niall Horan love story)

Roxanne and Kasey have just graduated from High School. Roxy's cousin Liam gives them a call and invites them to London. Little do they know that their summer will change their lives forever....


7. Date Night


Roxy's P.O.V.        

                            I woke up from someone jumping on the bed  and a lot of different voices yelling. I opened my eyes to see Kasey jumping on the bed and the boys yelling except Niall, who was trying to sleep beside me. I groaned and pulled the covers up more  and cuddled into Niall again. Kasey jumped on me yelling in my ear to wake me up. I groaned again feeling a head ache coming. I pushed Kasey off me and she ended up on the floor. I threw my pillows at the boys and laid back down, only to get the pillows thrown back at us. "ROXY! WAKE UP AND MAKE US SOME BREAKFAST!" I heard Louis yell. I defiantly wasn't on a good mood any more. No one should come in between me and my sleep. Also with food. Anyone except Niall. "I'M NOT YOUR SLAVE! GO AND MAKE YOUR OWN BREAKFAST!" I yelled at them, only making my head hurt more. Everybody went quiet and Niall looked up at me. "WELL, GET OUT!" I yelled at them then cuddled back up with Niall. Every one left quietly and even turned the lights back off. "Rox, what's wrong?" Niall whispered in my ear. "My head just hurts is all. That and no one should come between me and my sleep." I said groggy. He chuckled and kissed my head. "Want me to get you some aspirin for your head ache?" I looked at him and smiled. "Please." I said and gave him a kiss on the lips. He smiled and got up and didn't bother with putting any clothes on so all he had on was boxers. I smiled and laid back down with my eyes closed.

Niall's P.O.V.

                      I walked down stairs to see the boys and Kasey talking about this morning. They sounded angry about what Roxy said. They must of heard me walk in because they stopped talking. I frowned and asked, "Why are you talking about Roxanne?" I crossed my arms and glared at them. "Looks like Roxy's anger is rubbing off on you." Louis said with his arms crossed. This made me tick. "SHE IS RIGHT YOU KNOW! YOUR ALL TO LAZY TO MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD AND WANT HER TO DO EVERYTHING! NOW YOUR BLOODY BLAMING IT ALL ON HER JUST BECAUSE SHE WONT COOK YOU FOOD! SHES NOT FEELING WEAL AND YOU'RE JUST GOING TO TALK ABOUT HER!" I walked away before any of them could talk. I got Roxy's medicine and water then went back to her room. I walked into the bedroom to see her holding her head in her hands siting up in the bed. I shut the door very quietly and sat down beside her. I gave her the medicine and asked her if she was okay. She nodded and laid back down. I snuggled up to her and gave her a kiss. "It's okay if you don't want to go on the date tonight since your not feeling weal." I said putting my arm around her."No, I want to go so we're still going." She said holding my hand. I smiled. " Okay. How about we go get ready and got out and have a date the whole day. How's that sound?" I asked playing with her hair. She smiled real big and nodded fast. "Okay. I'll go get ready now and you put that nice sundress of yours on and meet me  outside the front door."  I told her getting up. "Sounds great." She said giving me a quick kiss and pushed me out the door so she can get ready. I went to my room, that I never sleep in, and took a shower. After 5 minutes I got up and put on some black jeans, a white T-shirt, and some white shoes. I checked my hair in the mirror for the 100th time and walked  down stairs. I told the boys and Kasey where we were going and went outside. About a minute later Roxy walked out here. I looked up at her and stared at her amazed. She was so beautiful but yet she doesn't know it.

Roxy's P.O.V.

                       After Niall left I went and took a shower. After 5 minutes I got out and put on my white sundress and white flats. The dress went down to my knees. I looked in the mirror for the 100th time and decided to keep my curly brown hair down. I never put my hair down so it was a change for me. I also never wear dresses and make up. I hate make up, it's so useless. I got my phone and  went down stairs to see every one staring at me amazed. I smiled shyly and walked out side. I looked up to see Niall staring at me. "What? Is it that bad?" I asked him looking down. He snapped out of his daze and shock his head fast. "NO. NO.NO. It's just perfect. Your perfect." He said stepping closer to me. I blushed and looked down again. He stepped closer and lifted my chin up gently and kissed me. I smiled into it as he did to. When we finally pulled apart, he lead me to the car and opened my door for me. "Thank you." I smiled and kissed his cheek. He blushed a lot and closed my door then got in on his side. After he started the car he  grabbed my hand and kissed it. "So do you feel any better now?" He asked concerned. "Yeah, a little." I replied smiling at him. "So where are we going?" I asked. "You'll see when we get there. Well be at the first place soon." He replied. "Pretty please." I said with a sad puppy dog face on, but he just laughed and shock his head no. I sighed and put the radio on. It turned out to be Boyfriend by Justin Bieber. Niall started singing to me. I laughed at the faces he made. By the time the song ended we had gotten to the first place. It turned out to be Nandos. I smiled and as if on que mine and Niall's stomachs started to growl. We laughed and got out of the car and headed in. Once we got to our table, our waitress came over to us. "Hi. I'll be your waitress for the....OMG! YOUR NIALL HORAN!" She yelled once she noticed him. She looked at me and glared at me so I glared back. "Yeah, I'm Niall and I know the look that you're giving my girlfriend." Niall said sounding angry. " What look? I don't know what your  talking about Nialler." she said bating her eye lashes and twirling her hair. "LOOK HERE YOU LITTLE SLUT! NIALLS MINE SO BACK THE FUCK OFF!" I yelled standing up. She had to look up to me because I was so tall. She gulped and walked away and got someone else to be our waiter. I chuckled and sat down. Niall smiles at me and said, "I like it when your angry." I laughed and smiled. I looked over to see some group of girls at a table who recorded everything. and still was recording and taking pictures of us. No one really knew we are going out. We kinda tried to keep it secret. I saw them whisper and glare at me. I frowned and started to get upset. I guess Niall saw what I was looking at and kissed me on the lips. I head them gasp at us and continue to take pictures and videos. "Who cares about what they think. I love you and nothing is going to change that." I smiled and blushed. "I love to Ni Ni." After  that we got our food and ate. We talked about about our family's and laughed at each others story's. Once we finished and paid, we left had in hand to the car. We were both laughing at something when suddenly we got smothered by tons of paparazzi. I guess those girls said something to people. I was starting to panic a little. Niall saw this and raped his arm around my waist and lead me through the crowd. They all were taking pictures, some were recording us and asking questions holding microphones to our faces. We finally got to the car. Niall opened my door and once I was in, he closed my door and got in on his side. They keep following us so Niall tried to lose them. "Man this is crazy! Can't these people get their own lives and not ruin others!" I said. My head was killing me again. I started to rub my head. Niall sighed and gave me a worried look. "Are you okay? You look a little pale." I put on a fake smile and said, "Yeah, just a head ache." "You sure? We could go home so you could rest and-..." "No. No. I'm fine Ni. Besides our  date isn't over yet." I said smiling. He smiled and nodded. "Hey, I think we lost them." Niall said looking in the rear view mirror. "Hopefully we wont run into them anymore." I said leaning my head against the window. I felt Niall grab my hand. We sat in silence the whole ride. It wasn't awkward, it was comfortable. I didn't even noticed we stopped until Niall kissed my head. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and got out. He quickly came over to my door and opened it for me. I smiled and gave him a kiss on the lips. He grinned widely and grabbed my hand. I looked up to see we were at the fair. "I haven't been to the fair in forever." I said grinning from ear to ear. "Me too. I've been to busy." After we bought our bracelets and went in, we practically jumping up and down like excited little kids. There were lots of people taking pictures of us. We ran around basically to each ride and food stands. We were on our way to the fairs wheel, when I saw the biggest, fluffiest bear ever. I grabbed Niall's hand and ran over to the stand and told him I wanted it. "Please Ni Ni! It's so fluffy, I might die." I yelled jumping up and down, pleading Niall. " Okay, okay. I'll get it for you." He said laughing. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you so much." I said giving him a big hug and kiss. Luckily the game was a dart game and Niall won it easly and gave it to me. I was so giggly and excited. I gave Niall another hug and kiss on the lips. He then pulled me towards the fairs wheel. Before we got on Niall whispered something to the control guy. We got on and cuddled next to each other. We just cuddled and kissed the whole time. When we made it to the top, the ride stopped. I was about to flip until Niall started to kiss me. We kissed for a few minutes until he pulled away and pulled a small box out of his pocket. I gasped when he opened it. It was a ring that has green diamonds. It was beautiful. Wait... Is he? "Before you jump to conclusions, its just a promise ring. That means that some day you'll marry me and we'll be together forever." Niall explained looking into my eyes."Niall...It's beautiful! Yes! A million times! Yes!" I said smiling and crying some. Niall's face brightened and he smiled wide and kissed me. I will never get tired of his kisses. They were full of passion, love, and lust. And there's always fire works. Once we finally pulled apart, Niall slipped the ring on my finger. I noticed he was crying a little to so I wiped the tears off his cheeks once we started to move again. He did the same to me. After that we headed out to the car. People took pictures of us the whole time so I'm sure something will be on the news tomorrow. We got to the car and started to head home. Some time during the ride I had fell asleep cuddling up with my bear and holding Niall's hand. I also learned before I feel asleep that the diamonds on the ring are real. I woke up to Niall carrying me up stairs to my room. He sat me down and got ready for bed. We brushed our teeth and then Niall took off his clothes so he was in his boxers. I took the dress off and put on one of Niall's t-shirts. I blushed realizing I just changed in front of Niall. All well, we're gonna get married some day anyways. I also noticed that Niall stared at me the whole time to. I laid down beside him in the bed and cuddled up to him. " I love you so much Roxanne." He said kissing me on the lips. "I love you to Niall." I said half asleep. I saw him smile before I went in a deep sleep.

Thanks for reading. Sorry I hadn't updated for awhile. I'll try to update soon. Please favorite and like my story. I can promise you it will get better.


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