The England Ireland War

A girl named Emily who was friends with Niall since preschool goes out with Harry. But Niall dosnt like it that much...


11. Missing

(Louis P.O.V.) I went upstairs to check on Harry. He seemed really upset with Niall. I went into our room and found that Harry wasn't there. The window was open, his bag was gone, and there was a note on the bed. "If Niall's leaving so am I, I'll miss you guys.xxHarry" The rest of the guys came up and looked at the note too. "i'm going to text Emily." Niall said grabbing his phone.

(Niall's P.O.V.) Harry left. He really did. I thought he might be with Emily so i texted her "Is Harry over there?" "No. he left an hour ago." she replied. "oh well he practicly ran away so if u see any sign of him call me" I responed "i will" she texted back. "Nope no sign of him." I said. "Well i guess we'll just have to wait and see if he comes back." Liam sniffled. A few hours later I decided to go looking. I went outside in the rain and started shouting his name. "HARRY." I exclaimed several times walking through the rain. Then a car drove up filled with people with cameras. Papparazzi. "Harry is missing!" One of them asked me shoving a microphone in  my face. I just ignored them and ran down the street until I lost them in the darkness. I sat on the curb for a few minutes and another car approched me. "This better not be Paparazzi again." I thought. It wasn't it was Victoria in the car. "Your far away from home." she said. "yeah I was looking for Harry." I sniffled. "Yeah Emily told me he was missing. Im looking for him too. need a ride?" She offered. "I don't want to get your car wet." I said as i looked inside. "Here's a towel." she said as she handed me a towel. I put the towel on and got in the car. "So no sign of him?" She said as we drove down the street in the rain. "Yeah" I replied pulling out my phone to see a text from Harry. "Liam told me your staying in the band. That's good you can take my place." Harry had texted me. "Where are you" I replied. a few seconds later he responded with "Away from trouble" I decided not to text him anymore. He'll come back on his own if we don't find him or at least I hope. We Pulled up to Emily's house and rang the doorbell and she answered. "Hey." she said as she gestured for us to come in. "Has he texted you?" I asked her. "Nope. I texted him but no response." She replied. "Oh well he texted me." i said showing her the texts. "Wow its alredy 1 am." Victoria said looking for the clock. "He's probably asleep at a hotel or somthing." Emily said. "No tha paparazzi would have noticed him." I said thinking. "He might be somewhere thats open 24 hours." Victoria suggested. "I think we should all go to sleep and look for him in the morning." Emily said. "You guys can sleep here" Emily went upstirs to her room, I slept on the couch, and Victoria slept in the guest bedroom. I guess we'll have to see what happens in the morning.

(Harry P.O.V.) I went to a pharmacy and bought a fake mustache, beard, and some gum. As I checked out the lady said "Hey aren't you Harry Styles?" "No." I said as I payed for my stuff and went out. I checked my phone for the closest motel or hotel. the closest was a place called Mullinger Motel and it was just down the street. I put on my mustache and beard and walked down there. To stay one night was really cheap so I paid with the little actual cash i had and put down my name as Peter Worthington. I went into my room and went to sleep. I don't know if im going back to the guys or what's going to happen tomorrow but i'll figure it out. I'm too tired to think about it now.  I tweeted "Goodnight:)xx" to my fans. And I saw I have a few tweets asking where I was because they saw on "E!" that Niall was looking for me. I decided to deal with it in the morning so now im going to sleep.

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