The England Ireland War

A girl named Emily who was friends with Niall since preschool goes out with Harry. But Niall dosnt like it that much...


9. Just Some Buisness Stuff...

(Emily's P.O.V.) Harry was on the phone and his expressions looked mad. He came back. "oh hi just some business stuff." he said as he bought 3 laser tag tickets for us. "so harry. Ian and I were wondering if you wanted to be in one of our videos?" Anthony said. "that would be awesome. I'll ask the other guys if they want to also." he said as we walked into the laser tag room. we were paired up against a bunch of kids and there were some kids on our team. We played one 5 minute game and then went out. "haha that was fun I feel like a kid again" i said. then Anthony's phone buzzed. "oh I gotta get back, that's Ian he forgot his key." Anthony said bye to both of us and left. "So where do u want to go now?" I asked Harry. "I gotta go back to niall's I think he wants me" Harry said looking at his phone with an unhappy expression. "Okay.' i replied. So he dropped me off at my house and left. i wonder what was up with Niall.

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