The England Ireland War

A girl named Emily who was friends with Niall since preschool goes out with Harry. But Niall dosnt like it that much...


3. Changes

(Emily's P.O.V) I have been friends with Niall since we were little but now he seemed so different. Since he dyed his hair I knew he was going to change. I looked at him. He had gotten braces, changed his hair color, and become super famous ever since I saw him. Then i looked over at Harry. He was really cute. He saw me looking at him and he smiled so I quickly looked away. Harry came up and walked next to me. "Hi." I said looking at Harry. "Hello." he said smiling. "What's with Niall lately?" I whispered. "He just misses home so much." Harry replied and looked at Niall. "Well here we are." I said as we walked to the fair. Niall ran to the food and brought Victoria with him while Harry and I looked for Zayn, Liam, and Louis. "So how have you like our nice little hometown?" I asked Harry. "it's really cute." he said. "cute?" I asked laughing. "yes it's just so small and cute like a puppy." he laughed. "So what have you guys been up to since Niall was gone?" Harry asked. "Well everyone loves us now because we were friends with Niall before so they're all like WHEN IS HE COMING BACK I WANNA SEE HIM and then his ex hates us and you know all the normal stuff" I said. "ahh normal" he said sarcastically. oh there they are." I said pointing to a roller coaster. "looks like there having fun" he laughed. "let's go on too." I said grabbing Harry and bringing him into the line. Then we eventually went on and sat next to eachother on the coaster.

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