Hate is love

This story is about a young girl named Sam (Samantha) who meets a boy in a forest who she hates at first but then realizes she doesn't hate him, but love him. (This movellas doesn't go by fast, they take there time to find there fellings for one another ) ( There is also going to be several other books to the series showing how they came to like each other ) ( oh and you might want to keep in mind that he's a vampire) enjoy ;)


1. Dark

I was walking home from sckool when I found a tree, not just a tree a tree that led to several others, I followed the trees to a forest filled with red and black roses and huge trees that surrounded me ,it was baeutiful like something in a fair tale,I was just injoying the moment when I heard foot steps, a tal dark haired Boy appeard in front of me ,then began to speak " you shouldn't come here it's private property" @ Sam " whos private property" @boy " mine" sam then began to lough at the thuot of a teenage boy owning anything @boy "what's so funny " @sam the fact that you think you own anything " @boy "I dont think, I know, so get off my property before I call the police" @sam "call them" @boy "I will, you better get off" @sam "then do it already " @boy "im dyaling you better leave " @sam "I don't care just do it" @boy "oh will you just leave already" @sam "NO" @boy "fine" @sam "fine" @boy "fine, dont cry when you get arrested " @sam "don't cry when the police loughs at you for thinking you own a forest" the boy ran off mad as ever looking like he's about to kill.
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