Jessie was an 18 year old girl with dark brown hair, grey eyes; and It was the beginning of summer and her chance to explore the world. Every summer her dad pulled a piece of paper out of a hat with the name of where they were gonna travel. 3 years ago they went to Canada and had a blast! This year is gonna be different; this year she's going to 'The City of Love& Lights' .


4. Paris, love.

Jessie's P.O.V

I sat next to Ashley and looked out the window. We rode pass the most beautiful buildings. When we stopped we were at the Eiffel tower. It was the best thing I've seen. We all climbed out the SUV and stood on the grass. 'This is amaaaazzzing' I whispered to ash.  She squealed and ran to the elevator with Niall. I started to walk over to them when Harry grabbed my hand pulled me to run. I laughed and we all went to the second floor and looked out. Everything was beautiful. I was in a daze until Ashley said 'Niall just asked me on a date!!' I laughed at her expression. It was the happiest I've seen her. We were talking about what she should wear when i saw Zayn off in a corner. 'Ash we can talk later' I was already walking towards Zayn.

'Hey, why aren't you with everyone else?'

'Just thinking..' Zayn looked her in the eyes.

'about?' Jessie could sense something was wrong. She could see pain in his eyes. 'you can tell me zayn' she tried to comfort him.

'My aunt..' He started. 'She passed away.' He looked down and Jess was lost for words and hugged him.  She felt so helpless and didnt know what or if she could make him feel better.

'Hey lets go back to the hotel.' He simply just nodded. They told everyone where they were going and they understood. They got onto the elevator and silently went back to the hotel. When they finally got to the hotel room Zayn spoke. 'Stay with me.' 

'Of course' Jess barely whispered. She followed Zayn in the room and shut the door. As Zayn laid on the couch she turned on the TV for Zayn. He laid there staring at the ceiling. Jess knelt by him 'Is there anything I can do?' He just looked at her and patted the space beside him on the couch. She laid down next to him looking at the ceiling. As they looked up at the ceiling Jessie felt something warm coming down her cheek and noticed she was crying. She looked over at Zayn and noticed he was sleep. She got up quietly and left.

When she left the hotel she tried to catch a taxi. She tried 4 times and decided to walk back to the picnic. "This sucks..." she sighed. As soon as she said that Harry ran up to her. 

**Im having writers block! I will update soon!**


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