Jessie was an 18 year old girl with dark brown hair, grey eyes; and It was the beginning of summer and her chance to explore the world. Every summer her dad pulled a piece of paper out of a hat with the name of where they were gonna travel. 3 years ago they went to Canada and had a blast! This year is gonna be different; this year she's going to 'The City of Love& Lights' .


3. I think I like him.

Jessie's P.O.V

I got up  and took a shower. I was so excited that I got to meet the rest of the boys today! I was mostly excited about spending time with Zayn.. I was pulled out of my thoughts by a very excited Ashley.

'Ashley calm down geez' i said laughing.

'I can't caaaalm down, Im actually meeting Liam!' Ashley was shaking me almost making my towel almost fall. We both started laughing and I heard my phone ring. When I picked it up it was a text from Zayn and it said 

'I'll come by your room in 20 minutes xx'

I was freaking out.. He was gonna be here really soon and I didnt know what I was gonna wear. 'Ashley!' I yelled her name so she would hear me in the bathroom. Ashley came in the room and I told her we had about 15 min. to get ready. 

'I can be ready..' i cut her off 'I dont know what to wear!' I started digging through my suitcases in almost a panic. Ashley came to me and sat me on the bed. 'I have something you can wear' Ash smiled. 'Your a life saver' I let out a short laugh. 

She gave me her white-tank that had a picture of the Eiffel tower with 'love' written across. 'You can wear your ripped skinny jeans and flip-flops' Ashley smiled. I hugged her and Started getting dress, when I got done putting my hair in a bun, I heard a knock at the door. 

'Ashley I think we are leaving now' I yelled for. 

'Alright i'm coming' Ashley ran out the rooom and said she was ready. I opened the door and smiled at Zayn, I invited him in.

Zayn's P.O.V

When I saw Jessie she looked gorgeous. I couldnt help smiling really big. When I walked in I heard someone squeal and I laughed a little. I could see Jess blush when she said 'thats my friend ashley' She laughed a little and it was so cute.We were standing there awkwardly so I  broke the silence 'Um .. are you guys ready to go?' 

When Jessie said yes I opened the door and we all walked to the hotel room where me and the boys were staying. When I walked in all the guys hugged Jessie and Ashley. I introduced them and we all headed out the door. While we were walking to the elevator Jessie grabbed my hand. I looked at her ready to question her but I couldnt because I wanted to hold her hand too. I smiled and lead her to the elevator. I couldn't help that I was so interested in her after a day. 

'After you..' I extended my arm towards the elevator and I chuckled lightly as I saw her blush.

'Thanks' She said shyly. I noticed she let go of my hand and I hated it, It left my hand feeling cold.

Jessie smiled and talked to Ashley the ride down to the lobby. I overheard her talking about a guy named 'Jaxon' and how he made her life horrible. I instantly thought about my ex. The elevator opened pulling me away from my thoughts. We all got off the elevator and I lead the guys to the back exit.

Jessie's P.O.V

'Ashleeeeeeey' I whined  and grabbed her arm for her to wait. 

'Jess whaaaaat' She said playfully. I let out a short laugh. She saw my face go serious and said 'Whats wrong?!' She begged. 

'I think I sorta like Zayn' I looked at her and she started laughing.

'Oh thanks Ashley, your so nice.' I rolled my eyes at her.

'Why are you so "upset" about liking him?' She held up her hands in quotations when she said upset, which irritated me more. 

'You remember Jaxon..I can't let myself fall into that situation again. It's hurts too much and I can't exactly trust guys that much.' I saw the face Ash made showing me she understood. 

'Forget him..  he was a jerk. I'm sure Zayn is completely different.' She assured me and smiled. I felt foolish for making a big deal about it but hugged Ashley. We caught up with the guys and joined them as we all climbed into a black SUV. 


**Well whoever is actually reading my story.. thanks! Im sorry this is so short :( Its updated I hope youuu all like it! **

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