Jessie was an 18 year old girl with dark brown hair, grey eyes; and It was the beginning of summer and her chance to explore the world. Every summer her dad pulled a piece of paper out of a hat with the name of where they were gonna travel. 3 years ago they went to Canada and had a blast! This year is gonna be different; this year she's going to 'The City of Love& Lights' .


2. Bucket of ice

"Come on get up". Ashley was trying to wake up Jessie to go to the airport. Jessie looked at the clock and said 'It's '4:30' in the morning'. Last night she didn't get to sleep till 11 pm. 'Jessie we are actually going to Paris!' Ashley pushed Jess off the bed. Jessie laughed and got up. 'Im up! and i'll be ready in 10 minutes' Jessie hugged Ashley. Jessie made her bed and put on White ripped skinny jeans and a 'mullet' tank top that was red. It also had a British flag on it. When Jessie Got her suitcases and went downstairs her dad and Ashley were waiting. Jessie squealed and hugged her dad. 'Dad i'm gonna miss you' Jessie was almost in tears. But she was so excited to be leaving. 

Jessie hugged her dad one last time and asked Ashley if she was ready to go. They headed out the door and into the car. Ashley drove them to the airport and they checked in. When they got onto their plane and they were on their way. When the plane landed they got a taxi and then they went to their hotel. The hotel was beautiful. The hotel was called 'Hotel Lutetia' and it was huge. When they got there it was late so they went to their room and settled in.

'Ashley this is amazing' Jess was amazed.

'I know right and its huge' Ash smiled. 

Jess smiled and said 'Im gonna go get some ice'

'Dont be gone too long I wanna go swimming' Ashley winked at Jess.

Jessie walked to the ice machine and put a bucket under and waited. She was walking back to her room and her dad called.

Before he got a chance to say hello jess said 'hey dad the hotel is amazing and i miss you so much!' 

Her dad laughed and said 'Im glad you made it safely and your enjoying yourself'

Suddenly jess bumped into someone and the ice fell.

'Dad i have to go. I love you' Jessie ended the call with her dad and bent down to pick up the ice. 

She stood up and said 'I am so sorry I was on the phone and i wasn't paying attention' She could feel her cheeks flush with embarrassment. 

'It's okay, really' He smiled.

'Iv'e seen you before' Jess was thinking about where she had seen him.

'Ever heard of One Direction?'

'Iv'e seen them on tv...' Jess had remembered where she saw him. He was Zayn from One Direction. 'Your Zayn right' jess smiled.

'Thats right love'

'and I spilled ice on you..' Jessie was even more embarrassed. 

Zayn filled her ice up for her and walked her back to her room and said 'What are you in Paris for?' and smiled.

'Vacation, you?' 

'We are stopping here for a tour' Zayn smiled.

Jessie smiled back and said goodbye to Zayn. 

Zayn's P.O.V

Jessie's a very beautiful girl and I think I like her. I wanted to spend more time with her.

I walked back to Jessie's room and knocked. When she opened the door I got nervous.

'Um would you want to hang out tomorrow with me and the guys? Only if you wanted to.' I smiled.

'I'd love to' Jess smiled and said she had to go.

'I'll come by at 4 and show you around' I gave her my number and left.

Jessie's P.O.V

I waved by to Zayn and shut the door.

'Did someone just get asked on a date' Ashley poked me.

I swatted her hand away and giggled 'It's not a date I'm just gonna hang out with them.. you should come to. please.' I had to beg ashley and she finally agreed. We got ready for bed and as we were laying down i racked my brain for something i could wear tomorrow. But I just kept going back to Zayn.. To his hair, to his amazing British accent. I couldnt wait. 


**Please let me know what you think . Be Honest too haha. If there is anything you want me to change or add or even how their hangout should go? Thanks guys**




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