Jessie was an 18 year old girl with dark brown hair, grey eyes; and It was the beginning of summer and her chance to explore the world. Every summer her dad pulled a piece of paper out of a hat with the name of where they were gonna travel. 3 years ago they went to Canada and had a blast! This year is gonna be different; this year she's going to 'The City of Love& Lights' .


1. Summer

The sun woke Jessie up early that morning but she was so excited about it being the first day of summer she jumped out of bed. Jessie did her morning ritual; she brushed her teeth, washed her face, and put her hair in a bun. She put on her favorite dark blue skinny jeans with a white tank-top and pink sweatshirt. When she went down the stairs to the kitchen her dad Jamie had already started breakfast.

'Mornin' dad!' Jess yelled as she was going down the stairs.

Her dad smiled and hugged jessie tight, 'Dad i cant breathe' jess said laughing. Her dad let go and laughed. Then she got out to cups and filled them with orange juice. Her dad made their plates of breakfast and sat down to eat. Jessie joined him and they ate together, just like they did for the past four years. Jessie's mom passed away when she was 14. She told her dad everything.. well not everything she had her bestfriend Ashley for the things she didnt want to talk to her dad about. 

Jessie went to living room and turned the TV on. She was flipping through the channels and saw a group of guys singing so she watched. Jess sighed and thought 'they arnt that bad'. She looked them up on her IPhone and found out that their name was "One Direction". Jess liked the sound of their music. Her dad called her from in the kitchen when she was in the middle of a song.

Jessie got up and went to the kitchen to see what my dad wanted and then he said 'sit down, we need to talk'. She automatically thought ' Uh-oh'. 

'Dad whats wrong' she asked; thinking of all the things that could be wrong.

'We are going to Paris this summer' He said calmly.

'Really?!, Dad thats amazing!' Jess was so excited. She always dreamed of going.

Jessie ran over to her dad and gave him the biggest hug she could manage. She thought he was the best dad ever.

'When are we leaving?!' She asked excitedly.

'You are leaving in three days with ashley and- ' she cut him off and asked 'What do you mean "you" .. your not coming? '

'Jessie I have to work this summer and you will be okay' He smiled. 'I already choose a tour, hotel and you'll have a credit card. I already talked to Ashley about it and she bought her ticket along with yours, your gonna have an awesome time.'

Jessie was a bit disappointed he wasn't coming but she was still excited to go. Especially with Ashley by her side. Her dad said 'You have to check-in every 2 days, Morning and Night' . Jess agreed and and hugged and kissed her dad. 

'You better go pack J; three days will go past fast' her dad smiled. Jessie hugged her dad one last time and ran upstairs to call Ashley.

When Ashley picked up they talked for 2 hours straight. They also made a list of all the little shops they wanted to go to and all the restaurants. When they hung up it was 9 o'clock and jessie was beyond tired for some reason. She put on her zebra print pajamas and got in bed.

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