The One (A One Direction Fanfic ft GMD3)

Alice, Kaela and Jemima get tickets to go and see One Direction in concert but they meet before hand. But things go wrong as they get to know each other


13. This Was A Mistake


Alice’s Point Of View. Niall… Is this a dream…? I can’t… I can’t remember… Wait… This isn’t a dream… Niall… I slowly opened my eyes. I didn’t recognise the room I was in and I suddenly felt afraid. Have I been kidnapped? I rolled onto my side. I smiled. Niall. My beautiful Niall was lying asleep in front of me. His eyes were tightly shut and his blond hair was swept across his face. I shuffle closer to him and lie in his arms. His body made me feel warm. I looked over his beautifully sculpted body. I softly ran my hand down his chest and then placed it on his heart. I leaned in closer so I could hear it beating perfectly in sync with my own. “Alice…” I heard him murmur. I looked up at him and saw he was still in a deep sleep. God, he sleeps like a baby. “Don’t go… I love you… Don’t leave me…” His heart started to beat faster. His face was scrunched up and he looked like he was in pain. I could tell he was having a nightmare. I stroked his face softly and started to whisper calming words. Soon, he stopped calling out and looked like he wasn’t upset. I slowly got up and left the room. I walked downstairs to find the other boys on the sofa. They all turned around to look at me when Harry got up and walked over to me. He smiled and led me into the kitchen. “Morning sleepy head. Had a good night did we?” He asked accusingly. “Yes. I was really tired and… That’s not what you meant was it.” I replied. “Ah, starting to understand” He smiled. “Look, nothing happened between Niall and I last night. You know that.” “I know that you shared a bed with a guy who is in a relationship. I know that you tried to kill yourself yesterday” I looked away quickly. “Did I?” “Don’t play games with me Alice. Niall was worried about you and you know it.” “I think I’d better go home” I said quickly. “Fine!” Harry snapped. About an hour later I arrived home. I had decided to walk as I didn’t want to listen to what the boys were saying. As I opened the front door, Kaela and Jemima ran over to me and hugged me. Dan, Micky and Greg were in the front room and they all smiled when they saw me. “Where were you? We were worried.” Kaela asked. “Sorry. I had to take a walk.” I answered. “All night?” asked Greg. “Yes. I had to think about a few things.” There was a long, awkward pause. I looked down at the floor and started fiddling with my hair. I knew I had to choose between Greg and Niall but I couldn’t. I love Niall but I love Greg too. Niall’s in a relationship. Yet, they’re both kind and honest. I wonder what they think of me.     Greg’s Point Of View. Is she telling the truth? She looks scared. Heartbroken. Maybe she went to see Niall. Maybe he rejected her. I might still have a chance to win her back. I know I could make her happy. She’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met and she is obviously attracted to me. If only I can get Niall out of the picture. Hmm… I have an idea. Niall’s Point Of View. I open my eyes. I’m lying on my back though I could have sworn I went to sleep lying on my side. Maybe that horrible nightmare made me toss and turn during the night. Well. Brand new day. I hope Alice won’t try to kill herself. I roll onto my side only to see that Alice is no longer there. I rush out of bed and shove on yesterday’s clothes. I run down the stairs to see all the boys talking in hushed voices. “Where’s Alice?” I ask, startling them. “Good morning to you too! Don’t forget that you’re in a relationship Niall!” Harry replied. “Just answer the question!” I snap. “Gone.” He says calmly. “She left this morning. She’s gone home.” I grab my keys from the table and before anyone can say anything to stop me; I’m out of the door. I need to get her back. I can’t let her out of my sight. It’s gotta be her. I no longer care about the girl I am with. Alice is my girl.  
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