The One (A One Direction Fanfic ft GMD3)

Alice, Kaela and Jemima get tickets to go and see One Direction in concert but they meet before hand. But things go wrong as they get to know each other


6. The surprise


Alice's Point of View. Uhh it's too early. I thought as I rolled onto my side. The clock read 10 am. I usually sleep in till 11. I slowly got out of bed and checked my phone. I had a text from Niall and one from Simon. Simon’s read Hope you had a good night last night. The boys really liked you girls. They’d like to spend more time with you so don’t muck it up! They’re talented so don’t ruin their chances. Uh. Typical. He thinks I’m going to mess it up. Just because me and guys don’t go well together doesn’t mean this is going to end in disaster. Niall’s text read: Hey gorgeous. Fancy going out today? I have a special treat for you. I smiled. So he likes me. And I guess this is what Simon meant. I texted back Hey, what time and where? I walked over to my wardrobe and picked out a dress. Perfect. I grabbed a pair of heels. After I was washed and dressed, I curled my hair. I smiled to myself. Niall. He might be the one. Niall's Point of View. Maybe this was a bad idea. It is way too early for me. I hate getting up before 11. As much as I wanted to see her, I miss my bed. I made sure to wear my grey hoodie and navy blue trackie bottoms. As soon as she had texted me I had simply replied saying At the fountain in town. 20 minutes. I smiled to myself. I now have 10 minutes. She will either love me or hate me for this surprise. When I arrived in town, I saw her standing by the fountain. Her long blond hair was curled slightly and she was wearing a long, dark blue dress which finished just above her knees.  I crept up behind her and shouted “Boo!” She shrieked. When she realised it was me, she hit me with her bag, then jumped into my arms. We walked through town and talked about our futures and what lay ahead. I, of course, was going to be a famous singer, even though I already am one. She was going to be a journalist. She was hoping to move to Paris after she finished University, which is another 5 years from now. She dragged me into Frankie and Bennie’s for dinner after I took her shopping and let her use my credit card, which was a big mistake. She spent £50 on her card but spent at least £200 on mine. If she wasn’t related to my manager or if she wasn’t the one I loved then she wouldn’t have been able to get away with it. After having a massive dinner, I took her to the park. This was the surprise. We sat down on the bench and I pulled her close. I pointed to the sky and, as I did, a firework display started. They started to form words which read: Alice… I love you. You’re the one for me. It’s gotta be you! Love Niall. I smiled to myself. Thank god the boys could convince some professionals to create the display. I looked down at her and she smiled before pulling me into a tight embrace. She kissed me on the cheek and snuggled up to me. “I love you Niall Horan. Don’t you ever forget that.” She whispered. Alice’s Point of View I cannot believe it. This is the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me. Niall thinks I’m the one. This is like a dream come true. I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven. He’s the one. He always has been. He always will be. I love him.  
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